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Paranormal Author & Investigator Rick Kueber - Episode #4 Evansville Local Author Series

Episode #4 of my radio show series is going to be out of this world.... Paranormal author and investigator, Rick Kueber, will be chatting tomorrow about his career in very mystical worlds. Please read about Rick in his bio below and tune in at 9:30 a.m. CST, Saturday, June 18.
I've enjoyed reading his first book Forever Ash-The Witch Child of Helmach Creek, which is based on true events stemming from a paranormal investigation. One particular excerpt from the book I found engaging:   "You see, that's the problem with all things paranormal, you never really know for sure about anything. It isn't an exact science yet, and even when you seem to have the answers, you never really know. In a way it reflects real life in that so often when we think we know, or have the answer to something in our life, we find out things aren't what they seem."


Rick Kueber
Rick Kueber was raised Catholic, and has attended many different churches and denominations. He has always had a knack for, and immense love of, science, graduating high school with more than a double major in science. 

This combination has given him an edge as a paranormal investigator and team leader.
Rick has spent more than two decades in the construction industry working his way from an apprentice, journeyman, foreman, superintendent, and finally, a representative of hundreds of union workers. This leadership ability has been key in every aspect of his life including paranormal investigating.
Rick has appeared as a guest and speaker at many paranormal events and on several radio programs. He has also written smaller published articles for Life'sGift and Supernatural Magazine.
While he writes about the experiences of his team, Rick says he finds his greatest inspiration and drive comes from his love and bond with his son Daniel.
For the past few years, Rick has been a Commissioner for the Evansville/
Evansville Vanderburgh Paranormal Investigations
Vanderburgh Human Relations Commission, fighting for fairness and equality of all people, and combating discrimination of any kind. This is always an underlying message hidden within the pages of his books.
The team of Evansville Vanderburgh Paranormal Investigations was founded by Rick Kueber in 2008, and has grown to one of the most recognizable and respected small paranormal research teams. Their investigations are typically limited to 'on request' situations, with the rare public 'ghost hunt' events.
The team of EVP investigations has traveled throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee investigating haunted locations, though there have been a few requests that have taken them even farther.

Rick is the author of:

The Frost&Flame Trilogy
* Forever ASH- The Witch Child of Helmach Creek
* Shadows of Eternity- The Children of the Owls
* NeverEnding Maddeness

The Convergence Saga
* The Pale Titan
* The Genesis Project
* Dissension
* Borders (Working title, not yet published)

Rick is also a contributing author in the Amazon Best Sellers:
Amazing Paranormal Encounters Volumes 1 & 2

Find Rick Kueber's books here:

Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Evansville, Indiana

Barnes & Noble Online:


Annette Munnich
In addition to Rick's interview, we will also hear from Annette Munnich, the owner of Stellium Books which is comprised of 25 titles including the top ten bestsellers in Supernatural and Unexplained Mysteries on Amazon, Amazing Paranormal Encounters Volumes 1 and 2. Stellium also publishes Kueber's book series. Since beginning Stellium Books in June 2015, 9 of her titles have appeared on bestseller lists on Amazon including her own book 9 Angels for Prosperity and Abundance and a children's book she illustrated for author Dennis Gager Billy Rabbit Saves Christmas. She is also the author of the Ghost Journal and Record Book and has illustrated three additional children's stories.
Annette has been a PR Specialist since 2009 and has worked with some of the most interesting and notable names in the paranormal community, as well as working with businesses locally and across the U.S. including two internet radio stations.
She was the host of her own radio show, Python Radio for four years. Annette has a graphic arts background and has been a free-lance artist since 2000. Annette lives near her hometown of Chicago, Il.


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Hi, I just found your blog while searching for Rick Kueber. I'm almost finished with his first book and love it. Your looks like an interesting blog, I'll stick around a while and read what all you've got here and then go to the audio. Thanks!