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The Long & Winding Road with Aaron Krerowicz

Aaron Krerowicz - Beatles Scholar and Author
With the swelling number of authors writing about The Beatles, Aaron Krerowicz has set himself apart in his study of the band's music. 
Krerowicz, who interestingly is a little older than he looks, says that he has "been a huge Beatles fan my entire life. When I was growing up in the 90's, my father would play Beatles music for me.” The deep interest in the band continued when the remastered CD's were released in 2009. Krerowicz went on to study music and received three collegiate degrees, ultimately receiving a grant through the University of Hartford to study The Beatles. His analysis focuses on the musical aspect of the subject - the subject just happens to be the most popular band in history.

Krerowicz has traveled across the country for the past months, giving over 200 presentations at universities, libraries and other venues. It's exciting that he can take a moment out of his enthusiastic schedule to appear on the Recipe Records Radio Show this Friday -  Tune in to hear us chat at 9:30 a.m. CST. If you are free--call in to the show and ask Aaron a question - (602) 753-1768

You can listen live at this link:

If you can't listen live, it will be immediately available at 10:00 a.m. CST

Krerowicz' upcoming public appearances will be fabulous - check him out at The Fest for Beatles Fans at Westchester Hilton, Rye Brook, New York (this weekend) and Abbey Road on the River - Louisville, KY (Memorial Weekend)  or any of his many presentations. 
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Aaron has published three books on The Beatles:  The Beatles & The Avant-Garde (2014); The Beatles: Band of the Sixties (2015); and From The Shadow of JFK: The Rise of Beatlemania in America (2015). Purchase at his appearances or find them here at Amazon:

The Beatles Minute:
I'm officially a fan of Krerowicz' "The Beatles Minute" - These one minute shorts are perfect for today's attention span of readers/listeners. Each episode educates you quickly and succinctly on various techniques used by The Beatles.
Check it out here:

The Grammy Report
The Grammy Museum(R) event in Cleveland, Mississippi, was off the charts fabulous. Many have asked me how a little town like Cleveland could be the recipient of the only other Grammy Museum(R) in the country and one reason is Delta State University and their Delta Music Institute which provides unmatched musical instruction. The area is also known as the birthplace of the Delta Blues. The museum is state-of-the-art and gorgeous; the Beatles exhibit, provided in part by our friend, Chuck Gunderson (Some Fun Tonight!) was perfection.
Musician Cameron Hicks and Lanea Stagg
Steps of "The Commissary" of Dockery Farms, Mississippi
While rolling into Cleveland, I was moved by...of Sirius XM cranked out "Mississippi Queen" (I kid you not), to be followed by "Statesboro Blues" (Allman Brothers) and not to be outdone by "Paperback Writer." 
A group was assembled and we were treated like royalty; receiving a private tour of Dockery Farms, (google's amazing) which is considered the Birthplace of The Blues. I was able to get a picture on the remaining steps of the "Commissary" where Charley Patton and other fathers of the blues performed. One visitor in our group shared with us that her father had been baptized on the farm. When the farm was inhabited (2,000+ folks lived and worked on the farm), they would perform baptisms. While the farm was located alongside the Sunflower River, it was not used for baptisms due to infestation of snakes and alligators, so the mule trough was used for the ceremonies. 
Po' Monkeys - Merigold, Mississippi
The group also took in a night at a juke joint, one of the last remaining in the Mississippi Delta, Po' Monkeys. Let's just say that 'the monkey business that happens at Po' Monkeys, stays at Po' Monkeys.'

Jude Southerland Kessler speaking at
Grammy Museum(R) - Mississippi

Due to the brilliant organization of John Lennon Series Author and Symposium Chair Jude Southerland Kessler, the event was spectacular for all visitors and the speakers/
exhibitors. I am humbled to be in the company of such outstanding authors, artists and human beings. It's a real gift that I can call each of them friends:  Jude and Rande Kessler, Ivor Davis, Freda and Rach Kelly, Ken and Carol Orth, Doyle and Yvette Jeter, Anthony, Sharon and Ella Robustelli, Kit O'Toole, Candy Leonard, Bruce Spizer, Cameron, Andrea and Dwayne Hicks and so many more. Until we meet again -- CHEERS!
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April 23 - Evansville Local Author - BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!
All are invited! Lanea and Jon will be there -- along with the stars of our book: Ava and Schnitzel. But there's much more: Prizes, Food & Drinks, Book Readings/Signings - from well respected Evansville authors - M. Dianne Berry, Patricia Easley, Caroline Fardig, Susan Harp, Donna Hendricks, Carolyn Ann Howard, Rick Kueber, Angela Williams, Robin Wright, Maryann Burkhard and CA Jamison.

Author Caroline Fardig

Previously I featured Caroline on my blogpost and readers have really enjoyed her delicious cozy mysteries. Fardig is releasing a new book, Mug Shot, next week.
Mug Shot is the second book in the JAVA JIVE MYSTERIES series. Death Before Decaf (book 1 in the series) was named a USA TODAY BESTSELLER recently!

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