Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You Can Call Me Al .....

Tomorrow on the radio show, you can call Al Sussman, of Rochelle Park, New Jersey, and ask him pretty much any burning question you have about The Beatles. Really. No question too tough or too easy.
Al, a major Beatle fan, started writing for Beatlefan Magazine 33 years ago & celebrates the 200th issue of the magazine this month. He has spent years studying, reporting and writing about the Fab 4 and enjoyed every moment.
Beatlefan mag is one of those actual paper things that you hold in your hands instead of scrolling down a bright screen with a mouse. I totally remember purchasing copies of Teen Beat and pulling out the full page photos of Peter Frampton  & hanging on the wall... and what a delight it was to read the issue over and over and over. I think that's something we miss in today's society o' internet. I respect the electronic era, however, I'm partial to holding reading materials and flipping the pages; perusing over the photos.....

Al serves as the Executive Editor for Beatlefan Magazine. You can go to their website and get a glimpse of what the mag has to offer.  A year's subscription consists of an issue every other month for the cost of around $30/yr. In blonde math, that's $5 per issue -- less than a fancy schmancy Starbuck concoction....

As with most writers...Al has a book up his sleeve and I'm excited to talk to him about the book's topic: the 101 days between the assassination of JFK and the emergence of The Beatles in the U.S. He'll also be filling us in on his upcoming program at The Fest for Beatles Fans in the New York Metro area, April 5-7.

I'm setting aside some questions for Al & I hope you will too. Call in to the show this Thursday, Feb. 28 - 2:00 pm CST   the number is:   347-857-3983

The show link is:

Remember..if you can't listen live...go to this same link anytime to listen to the archived episode.

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George Harrison would have been 70 years old this past Monday and I asked Author Jude Kessler to share a thought about the relationship between George & John Lennon.

John's Blurb by Jude Southerland Kessler:

“John would always be friendly to me,” George said in The Anthology, “but at the same time you could tell he was a bit on edge because I looked so young. I must have been only fifteen then.”

Imagine being an 18-year-old "rocker."

And imagine taking a boy into your band who's only (gulp) fifteen! Imagine that boy following you around town - to the movies, to see your girl, to the local coffee bar, to art college. Ach! It's awful, isn't it? A real embarrassment!
But that was the way it was with George and John Lennon.
John had never had a brother, until George. He'd never had a kid tagging along or had someone looking up to him and emulating him. He'd never known what it was like to see yourself in someone's adoring eyes. Until George.

Somedays it annoyed him. Somedays he was edgy and cut. Somedays he was a typical big brother...a jerk.

But day in and day out for ten years, "all those years ago," he took George into his heart. Regardless of age. Regardless of what people thought. Regardless.
Maybe we can learn something from that. Something about acceptance. Something about breaking rules. Something about love.
I can. Can you?

*if you are an iTunes user - listen up! Jude Kessler has several podcasts that you can download FOR FREE ! They are OUTSTANDING shows & you'll enjoy them. She has a particular show dedicated to George & John. Check out episode labeled: "John Lennon Hour Show 9" dated 2/1/13 & titled (there are 3 segments) 
Go to itunes.... in the search box enter:  podcast pat matthews beatles a rama. You'll get a list of his shows. Click on "See all"  & scroll down to the shows Download these & enjoy ....

Peace, Love & The Beatles

Lanea Stagg


Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Heard The News Today....oh boy .....

I hope you'll tune in for some news on my Recipe Records radio show - today (2/21/13) at 2:00 p.m. cst. West Coast columnist, Steve Marinucci, who writes for will be my guest. Steve is considered an expert in the latest news for The Beatles and other artists....... Not only does he provide accurate, timely reports for Beatles Examiner, but he also writes for the McCartney, Harrison & Starr Examiner, along with Vintage Rock 'n' Roll Examiner and TV on DVD Examiner.
Since we are always on the lookout for the latest news flash - don't miss Steve's commentary on what's happening NOW in the world of The Beatles & more.
I also encourage you to call in to the show live with your questions for Steve! Go to the link below:

If you can't listen live, check it out later as it's archived immediately; use the same link.

Enjoy "John's Blurb" - from author of the John Lennon Series, Jude Southerland Kessler:

“Here in some stranger’s room,
Late in the afternoon…
What I am doin’ here at all?”
John Lennon
We’ve all felt it…that moment when we turn around and say, “What am I doing???” Working too hard and too long, running here and there without a breather, spending every spare second “achieving” instead of enjoying, lose our way.
What John Lennon has taught me about these moments of self-revelation is, it’s okay to stop and start over again. And again. And again. And again.
For some of us, it’s Lent. A time to take stock of our souls, to look deep inside and discover what really matters in your life (and mine). If you take that glimpse and find yourself a morass of goals, tasks, and“things to do,” stop. Stop! Stop and start over. Reassess your priorities.
If your life has become a “stranger’s room” – a weird place where there is “all work and no play” – be of good cheer. You can change. You can begin today to enjoy a moment, a smell, a recipe, a song. Begin now.
Start over.
Peace & Rock & Roll,
Lanea Stagg
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Presidents need music too....

Sometimes reruns are good. I had so much fun writing this blog last year that I felt compelled to share it again. Enjoy my twist on the Presidents of the United States & you could win.......
Musicians have been making statements about our government and administrations for decades. The 60's really started to heat things up with opposition to the Vietnam War; we heard musicians such as Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, The Beatles, etc. scathe our government through their song lyrics. Later in the 70's the sentiment continued and the Eagles made some great songs about government, namely "On The Border" which was about the Nixon administration. Punk rock ushered in many bands to revolt against the system--be it British or American, and the ever popular U2 was built upon their political statements. Years later, Rage Against The Machine offered up some choice opinions of The Man.

One evening at the dinner table, our family was engaging in Presidential Trivia ... and my husband asked the kids what President was nicknamed "Tricky Dick."  I could hardly contain myself when 16 year-old Andrew answered ... Bill Clinton.

Of course I have to twist things here, there & yonder and compare it to music. On this President's Day I thought it would be fun to come up with a Presidential Song List so we can celebrate the men who have led our great country. My family helped me compile a list of songs that might pair up with these good men....


George Washington - Martha My Dear by The Beatles (ok..had a hard time with George...let me know if you can think of a better song )

John Adams - "I'm Shipping up to Boston" - Dropkick Murphys

Thomas Jefferson - "Brown Sugar" by the Rolling Stones

James Madison - "Battle of New Orleans" by Johnny Horton

Andrew Jackson - "Country Man" by Buddy Guy

William Henry Harrison - "Hail, Hail to Old Purdue"

John Tyler - "Yellow Rose of Texas" - American folk song

James Polk - "Roll Out The Barrel" Polka......

Zachary Taylor - "When the Saints Go Marching In" - American Gospel Hymm

Abraham Lincoln - "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" by The Band

Andrew Johnson - "Back in the USSR" - by The Beatles

Ulysses S. Grant - "Whiskey in the Jar" an Irish Folk Song

Grover Cleveland - "It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right" by Rob Base

William McKinley - "Aloha Oe" a Hawaiian folk song composed by Queen Liliuokalani

Theodore Roosevelt - "Teddy Bear" by Elvis Presley

William Howard Taft - "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darin

Woodrow Wilson - "Copperhead Road" by Steve Earle

Herbert Hoover - "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" by Bing Crosby

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - "Everlong" by the Foo Fighters
Harry S. Truman - "You Dropped a Bomb On Me" by The Gap Band

Dwight D. Eisenhower - "Life is a Highway" by Tom Cochrane

John F. Kennedy, Jr. - "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra

Lyndon B. Johnson - "(This is Where) The Cowboy Rides Away" by George Strait

Richard Milhaus Nixon - "Ohio" by Neil Young

Gerald Ford - "I Beg Your Pardon" by Lynn Anderson

Jimmy Carter - "If I Had a Hammer" by Peter, Paul & Mary (written by Pete Seeger)

Ronald Reagan - "America" by The Charlie Daniels Band

George Bush - "Taxman" by The Beatles

Bill Clinton - "I'm Busted" by Ray Charles(do I really have to elaborate ?)

George W. Bush - "Know Your Enemy" by Rage Against the Machine

Barack Obama -"Loves Me Like a Rock" by Paul Simon (ok the significance for this one is odd....during the last Presidential election, this song came on and my kids thought Paul Simon was singing "Loves Me Like Ba-rack" - and the song contains these lyrics "If I was President, the minute Congress would call my name... I say now "Who Do .. who do you think you're fooling?" I've got the Presidential seal...I'm up on Presidential podium... oh my Mama loves me... she loves me" ... so we thought this was perfect for President Obama.

Now for fun. The person that sends me the most answers for the significance of each song to the President will win a FREE copy of Recipe Records-the 60's Edition! Send via my email address below.

Say a prayer of remembrance and gratitude for living in our great country and appreciate the men who kept it together for us.

Peace & Rock & Roll,

Recipe Records

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Loves of John Lennon

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy this day of romance - one way you may do so is by tuning in to this week's radio show, which focuses on the women that John Lennon loved.   

On Thursday, Feb. 14th at 2:00 c.s.t., Jude Southerland Kessler, who has studied the life of John Lennon for the past 29 years, will entertain us with intriguing stories of the women John loved...namely Cynthia, Astrid, Yoko, May Pang.... and his beloved mother, Julia. Tune in to hear her always captivating stories of John, conveyed with her adorable Southern charm. You can read more about her outstanding book series on the life of John Lennon at   

Jude also interviews fantastic guests on her weekly radio show at; every Sunday evening at 7:00 pm cst. This Sunday at 7 she will interview the original drummer for The Beatles - Pete Best. You must tune in to hear this very gracious man talk about his years in & out of the band. All you have to do is go to the website on Sunday evening & you will hear it!

Tomorrow's radio show about John's loves can be heard at:

You can listen LIVE or you can listen to the archived show via this link anytime after show time.

Stay tuned for info on my upcoming radio shows... I have an impressive list of guests coming up!  Same bat place, same bat time.. Thursdays at 2:00 pm c.s.t.  In addition to Beatle authors Steve Marinucci & Al Sussman, I'm excited to interview book authors on Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen and Hank Williams and Hank Jr.  There's gonna be some rockin' goin' on...

Valentine Wishes,

Lanea Stagg
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Have a Melodic Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day gets people into trouble. You bought a gift, but you didn't receive a gift; you bought flowers that were dumped over in the delivery truck, the candy contained those unhealthy nuts, Walgreens was sold out of trinkets & cards at 6 p.m. on Feb. 14th, so you bought an egg timer & snow scraper as a gift instead.... & it wasn't appreciated. Everyone has a Valentine story, don't they? Since you probably haven't planned a special Valentine yet.... I thought I'd give you a suggestion.

Send your Valentine a song lyric and song video link in a romantic email; or burn or purchase a CD, for someone special (son, daughter, Granny, Bestie)...I guarantee it will long be remembered & considered the most thoughtful gift ever....

Many months ago a friend approached me with an unsuspecting white sheet of paper that contained song lyrics and words that were so powerful to her that she had to share them with me. Both of us had recently lost special people in our lives, she'd lost her husband of decades and I had lost my best friend of nearly 14 years. The song had been very special to her and I was very honored that she shared it with me.

I "studied" the song, as I wasn't familiar with it and the lyrics epitomize the spirit of Valentine's Day and I wanted to share the song with you as well.

Lyrics are simply poetry put to music...share some lines with your Valentine...

More than the greatest love the world has known
This is the love that I give to you alone
More than the simple words I try to say
I only live to love you more each day.

"More" - by Bobby Darin

Happy Valentine's Day Pat!

Peace, LOVE & Rock & Roll,

Lanea Stagg

Friday, February 8, 2013

I can change it round & I wanna be a paperback (cookbook) writer

OK, it's no secret that I have a strong affection for The Beatles. After publishing Recipe Records the 60's Edition last fall, I was approached by someone who asked if I could come up with enough recipes for a Beatles cookbook.  Could I??? Uh... were the Beatles British? While I am never going to be an expert in Beatles facts, I enjoy sharing the interesting trivia that I read. We are fortunate in this day & age to have so many interesting authors, researchers and fan-experts and I get satisfaction from sharing stories & facts in my blog, radio show and now cookbook.

Written in the usual Recipe Records style, I'm sharing 50 recipes for 50 years of the Fab 4. I couldn't think of a better way to pay homage to the band and perhaps spark a new interest in them by younger generations or folks who are casual fans. It's time to rediscover this great band.

You'll find delicious recipes & interesting information about the lads from Liverpool.  Enjoy an authentic recipe for "Scouse," a dish native to only Liverpool, submitted by British author David Bedford.  Some of my other favorites include I Should've Known Butter, Strawberry Pie Forever, The White Album Fondue, Let It Brie, Stuffed Sgt. Peppers, Lady Medallions, Ob-La-Di Ob-La Slaw and Roll Up For the Magical Mystery Wrap. I've even dedicated a chapter to the movies of the Beatles and their solo careers.

In order to appeal to the diehard Beatle fan, I tried to be clever with recipe titles & created a few that will undoubtedly evoke a tiny little smile, and an "ahhh yes...".... ie: Mundo Paparazzi Ziti, I Relish Her Majesty, Phase One In Which Doris Gets Her Oats Cookies, George Martinis and more.

If this does happen to you, then you need to purchase this book! Take advantage of my pre-order sale from now until February 22nd. Recipe Records - A Culinary Tribute to The Beatles is available at the price of $18 and it will ship to you for FREE.  Books should start shipping to you around March 12th, but you must order now to receive free shipping. 

Place your order at:

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I am grateful to all friends, family and readers that continue to support my book endeavors. The book business is a really difficult one to be in--just ask Borders and Barnes & Noble. The business part of the book is enough to bring on chest pains and while it goes along with the territory, I find it difficult to ask people to buy my books. I also recognize that our fast culture creates short attention spans. That being said, I'm asking a favor... would you please pre-order your copy now?  It's the book business part that robs me of proper sleep.....
As with all of the Recipe Records cookbooks, it's enjoyable to share food & music with other people. Those two things bring people together & Recipe Records is one more way to bring joy into your kitchen.

If You Can't Take The Beat...... Get Out Of The Kitchen...

Peace, Love & The Beatles,

Lanea Stagg
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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beatles-A-Rama....Is All You Need.

Over a decade ago, the notion of a place where you could listen & purchase any song you wanted, spun my head like a terrible twister. This place, which could just as well have been intergalactic space, was called iTunes, however, you couldn't purchase Beatles material from it, until several years later.  I have recently become close friends with Sirius XM radio, which again has spun me into an unknown realm of peace & tranquility. 

But ... no Beatles 24/7.

I only had to look to the internet, where I found Beatles-A-Rama.

Wait a minute Mr. mean, the Beatles are in my bag 24/7? And everyone can listen??? This spectacular mecca for fans will suit your every desire. There's Beatles songs from the early years, late years, solo years, covers (ok Please Please Me by The Chipmunks is, well, screechy) there's interviews featuring Beatle scholars, groovy DJ's, "Louise Harrison Beatle Reflections" (George's sister,) news, listener comments and ALL BEATLES MUSIC. You simply have to go to the website & voila....the music is there....

I am honored to interview Pat Matthews, the mastermind behind this internet marvel that is adored worldwide....
Read more about the Beatles-a-Rama owner at:
 I'm curious to hear Mr. Matthews' story of how he launched this incredible site & also some groovy Beatle stories. Don't miss him on my radio show this Thursday, February 7 - at 2:00 p.m. CST
Click on the link to listen:

if you can't tune in on Thursday - click the link anytime later to check it out.

Peace, Love & .... The Beatles, of course...

Lanea Stagg
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YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO SHARE THE LOVE WITH YOUR VALENTINE.......Order Recipe Records or Recipe Records the 60's Edition before Friday, February 8 - and I will ship it to you FREE, along with a groovy hand-molded record bowl. Email your order to:

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