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Angela Williams - Evansville Local Author Radio Show - Episode #3

Episode #3 of the Evansville Local Authors series will broadcast live tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. NOON CST, on the Recipe Records Radio Show. I am continuing to introduce you to talented authors in the Tri-State area, and tomorrow's featured author is Angela Williams. Angela is returning for a second interview on my show and I'm looking forward to hearing about her latest projects. You may read more about this talented writer/poet in the bio below. Please tune in to the show -- the link is below as well.

What does Rock & Roll taste like?
St. Joe Shaved Ice - Evansville, IN
My radio show is also highlighting popular locations in the Evansville area. Over the weekend I was at my favorite sno-cone stand, St. Joe Shaved Ice (they are on Facebook) - and I noticed on the menu that a "Rock & Roll" flavor was offered. Of course, I had to partake of the delicacy and that, Ladies and Gentlemen is rock and roll - and I liked it.

St. Joe Shaved Ice
2640 N Saint Joseph

Evansville, IN

Angela Williams:
Angela Williams

Williams was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 28, 1959 to Geraldine and Nathaniel Pickron. She is the sixth of seven children and has five sisters and one brother. She lives in Evansville, Indiana and has a 20 year-old daughter and a 45 year-old step son. Angela has a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management from LaSalle University, in Philadelphia, PA and an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh, PA, with concentration in Finance and Marketing.

She has worked in banking, corporate America, and non-profit organizations. She has held positions in Admissions and Financial Aid Counseling at the University of Pittsburgh; Sales, Marketing and Advertising, at Mead Johnson Nutrition; Marketing Management at Kimball Office Furniture; Global Sourcing and Market Research, at Kimball Electronics; Community Relations, at United Way, and currently, she is employed at the University of Evansville, as the Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations.
Angela attends New Life Non-denominational Ministries, where the pastor is Rev. Lakeysha Sherman Presley, where she enjoys key leadership responsibilities in Kingdom Building. She describes herself as a Christian, African-American, and woman.
Life More Abundantly and other powerful & inspiring works is Angela’s first book of poetry. Her prose promises to be thought provoking, personal, and humorous. They are called “works” because some of them are more like short stories. The works are about real life challenges in her life. The author's second poetry book is on track to be published by early 2017.

·   Life More Abundantly and other powerful & inspiring works, is the product of personal trials and tribulations. Angela began writing poetry in 1997 to express several painful experiences she had over a 2 year period (a collapse of a marriage, toxic dating as a single parent, race issues, the death of her mother, and a corporate downsizing). The title of the book shares the title of the last poem, written to describe her experience with homelessness as a child. This book will reach and empower others in their journey through life to realize that no matter the circumstances, it is possible to have life more abundantly. The poems are relevant to a wide audience of people.

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Excerpt from Evansville Courier & Press 6/18/15:
"Since she began to write creatively, Williams had simply stored her works in a folder, not knowing the proper steps to take for publication. But she attended an event at the Evansville African American Museum where authors were speaking and reading their works inspired her share her works.
"I've written this (poetry) to help somebody else who is going through the same issues," Williams said.
"It was scary because it could (have been) rejected, but it was very self-fulfilling and rewarding," she said of sharing personal aspects in hopes of inspiring others.
She read aloud her poem "Your Idea of Black" in front of an audience for the first time after joining the guild and received "wonderful words of encouragement," she said.
The poem was written to people who have a low opinion of "what is means to be black," she said. "It infuriates me that if you act a certain way you're considered not black,'" she said.
Williams said non-stereotypical African-Americans are said to have "black fleece" in the black community, and in the white community, non-stereotypical African-Americans are said to be "acting white."
After she joined the Soul Writers' Guild, Williams published her anthology Life More Abundantly: And Other Powerful & Empowering Works.
Williams said the book looks to inspire people to overcome obstacles, similar to how she overcame homelessness.
"It's been very rewarding to spend time with others that are writing," she said. "And, I have been able to help others find resources to publish their work."



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