Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Friendship, Fray & Foxy Shazamin'

I haven't written for awhile and a few things happened this past weekend  to drive me to take some action.
My 16 year-old son is totally smitten with his 1995 Jeep Wrangler...otherwise named by me as ... the Jeep Monster. Ethan has enjoyed the tropical spring weather this month so much that he took the doors off his ride and lets the wind beat him like a whip. He has tried to describe to me the love and respect that fellow Jeep owners have for each other and it always leaves me shaking my head. I am now totally convinced there are some pretty special Jeep owners out there after he told me what happened to him last week. At the high school my boys attend there is not a parking lot so the kids park on random residential side streets. Last Friday was a British-like rainy, yucky day & when Ethan made it out to his Jeep afterschool he saw a black trash bag lying on his driver's seat. He immediately rolled his eyes knowing that someone had pulled a prank on him and then he noticed a note on the trash bag which was neatly tucked around the seat to repel the drops of rain.  The handwritten note said .....
"Sorry if this made you mad, I just used to have a CJ-7 in high school.  A little old man used to cover my seats when it rained ...Don"
Ethan was pretty impressed by this good deed and I think this random act will cause him to do something thoughtful for someone else someday.  Until then he definitely thinks he has a Jeep blood-brother who's watching his back.  I think there are some pretty cool people out there.......

In my last blog post I mentioned taking my daughter Abby and Margaret's niece, Annie, to Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. I gave them a "lesson" on the shenanigans that took place in 1970, where four students were killed at a political demonstration against the Vietnam war. I was firm with them about the dangers of rallies & other nonsense that college students tend to get themselves mixed up in once they are out of the warm safety of homelife.This past weekend Abby was at Kent State University trying out for a hockey camp and on Sunday morning she sent me this text:
"There was a riot at kent state yesterday. I gotta see the SWAT team blocking the streets. PRETTY COOL"
What?? Imagine the range of emotions going through my mind as I tried to get in touch with her.  Turns out there was a big campus party on Saturday and things got "out of hand"...lots of beer bottles thrown around and police intervention.  Luckily it wasn't much more than that and now I'm certain that my kids really aren't listening to my advice.
After mentioning the Jeep friendship factor and the element of fray in Ohio, I decided to introduce to you my favorite band of the week, along with a delicious recipe to accompany it.
I've taken a fancy to a band out of Cincinnati, Ohio - Foxy Shazam. The band is made up of three fellows & one chick who play good ole rock & roll which I would describe as a mix of Queen and Led Zeppelin, with shreds of the Clash thrown in for good measure. Just plain, good rock & roll with some punk influence. Check them out - you won't regret it; I think they are a band who is heading for major stardom.  When I asked my friend Gail what kind of recipe I could come up with to label as "Foxy Shazams" - she suggested her recipe for "Hanky Pankies". And it couldn't be more perfect. Enjoy Gail's recipe while you jam out to my new fave band ... which by the way has a song that contains a mondegreen for me. I thought they were singing....  "that's the biggest black dress I've ever seen" - but they aren't saying dress....... My daughter even thinks I'm the blondest chick in Indiana.
Foxy Shazams (Hanky Pankies)
1 lb. Ground Beef
1 lb. Sausage (mild, Italian or hot)
1 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 tsp. Garlic Salt
1/2 tsp. Oregano
1 lb. Velveeta cheese, cut into squares
2 Loaves Party Rye Bread
Brown both meats together, strain well.  Melt Velveeta in a large bowl in microwave, stir in red pepper, garlic salt and oregano; mix well.  Add meat to cheese mixture.  Place a teaspoon of mixture onto open face rye bread & put on cookie sheet. Heat under broiler in oven until toasted and serve.  May place on a cookie sheet & freeze; after frozen, place in a plastic bag. You may microwave a few at a time as a snack. Makes about 60  slices.
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Peace & Rock & Roll!
Lanea Stagg
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