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Greg Kihn's Rubber Soul

Last summer I had the delightful opportunity of meeting 1980's rocker, Greg Kihn at Chicago's Fest for Beatles Fans. He performed & chatted about his new book Rubber Soul, which is a fan-fiction Beatles thriller.
Greg agreed to be on my radio show in September & he was full of great stories about writing his latest book. I was instantly hooked when he said he was inspired to write Rubber Soul after wondering where the young Beatles got their records. He was fortunate to have conversations with Ringo, Paul, Pete Best, Yoko & Olivia and he blended all of that material into a refreshing story. 
Enjoy this book review by Jennifer Vanderslice at Beatles-Freak Reviews and THEN listen to Greg on my radio show (September 5, 2013,) where he announced a SEQUEL to Rubber Soul and his Liverpool accent-laced audio book performance. You can also read more of my comments about the book on my blog link below.

Book Review via Beatles-Freak Reviews:
Well boys and girls, it’s time once again for a couple disclaimers before I break into my review of this book:
1. This was the first full length book that I read entirely on a Kindle. I like real books with paper pages and page numbers, so this alone was a challenge when all the Kindle would tell me was a percentage of what I had already read. Is this going to be a factor in my review? I dunno!
2. I’ve said it before…I don’t like fan fiction. BUT…I had to catch myself because I realized that I do read fan fiction about Edgar Alan Poe. In fact, I’m kinda obsessed with it! So let me correct myself, I don’t like Beatles fan fiction. I like my Fab Four the way I like my soap and men…99 44/100% pure!
On to the review:
Rubber Soul is the latest in a series of novels by Greg Kihn. Yeah…THAT Greg Kihn…the man behind ‘The Breakup Song’ and ‘Jeopardy’. Apparently, he’s been keeping himself busy these past several years with a radio show and authoring books. Who’d a thunk it? This latest installment is a murder mystery featuring …you guessed it…The Beatles!
I must say that I love Greg’s writing style! What an easy and peaceful read this book was even as I struggled to get used to reading it on my Kindle (or KIHNdle). No flashbacks and not overloaded with too many characters. But I will admit, I almost didn’t make it past the 2nd or 3rd chapter when the main character becomes, what I consider, a little too involved with The Beatles. I understand that Mr. Kihn stayed true to the Beatles story during their early years, but there was a moment where I felt he crossed the line a bit with mixing his fiction with his fact.
*Note: I have it from a good source that Greg Kihn had never heard of ‘fan fiction’ up until 2 months ago even though he’s been writing it for years. Go figure…
I finally picked the book back up after a couple days of questioning why I had decided to read another Beatles fan fiction book (because he’s Greg ‘fu-kihn’ KIHN…that’s why!), I marched on through the digital pages and can say that it became a much better read with the Beatles taking a back seat to the main character up until the end when the plot thickens and draws our boys back into the story. At this point, I could no longer put the book down until finding out ‘Who done it?’
I must say, Greg did his homework on the Beatles for this book. I do believe there is one obvious error when he writes that Stu and Astrid were married…they never got that far before Stu passed away.

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Listen to Greg Kihn on my radio show! I was literally recovering from a crazy concussion & there were multiple radio technical I truly do not know how I made it through this. But Greg is brilliant in telling stories about his book & he also plants a bombshell --- a sequel to Rubber Soul! He told me that he loved talking about his book on the show & I was honored for the opportunity. Shout outs to authors Katy Brandes & Jude Southerland Kessler for calling in, too!

And check out my previous blog about Greg:

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Have you ever met someone & gotten the feeling that you had met for a reason?

About two and a half years ago, I was busy peddling my cookbooks at a college fair and I had a conversation with a striking woman who patiently listened to my stories. We discussed the business of publishing your own work & she told me that she had quite a bit of poetry that she had written. I vividly recall her looking me straight in the eye and asking if I would care to listen to one of her poems. Of course I was very interested in listening, but I had no idea how powerful her words would be. She described an excruciating event which she survived by the grace of God.  
Ms. Williams has faced adversity for most of her life, having experienced homelessness as a child, the collapse of her marriage, dating after divorce  & many other events which she addresses in her poetry. Her drive & tenacity is quite admirable and I feel that she can inspire & encourage others with her honest prose. How fortunate I was to meet this poet & I predict that her works will shine brighter than the sun.
On that fall day, Honey shared a couple of poems with me, "A Letter to An Ex," is reprinted below & is from her latest book, "Life More Abundantly" and other Powerful & Empowering Works.  I strongly encourage you to check out her book and share the strength of her message with others who need help understanding life's challenges.  Don't miss Honey on my radio show - this Saturday at 2 pm CST. She'll be reciting some of my favorite poems!

A Letter To An Ex ©
By Honey Angela Williams

I don’t know what hurt the most,
The lies, the thefts, the nights you left…
Or the promises you never kept.
Maybe it was loss of the dream
Together forever ‘till death do us part.
How was I to know there was more than one
Way to die, and many ways yet to break my heart.
A boy with a violin…a good hard working man,
Turned into the walking dead with outstretched hands.

 …Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow
Of death, I will fear no evil, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me…
Psalm 23…helped ease my pain, helped get me thru,
Helped me to leave you.
Yes, I take some responsibility.
I was a silly woman, and you were a creep.
I did not listen to that inner voice
That told me you were the wrong choice.
(Somehow, you reminded me of my daddy)
And I was in love with your family…
Your mom would not know you,
And my mom would cry to hear
All the things you’re going through.
She’d say, “Honey, it’s time to go.
Daddy was in such pain…not from crack cocaine,
He drank himself in the grave.
I left many times, but you stay away.
Take care of yourself, and your baby and pray.
Pray for him, pray for you,
Continue to go to church and Alanon too,
To stay strong and carry it thru.
And may God continue to bless all of you.”
I thank God for the experience.
We’ve got a beautiful, intelligent baby,
Just like you said she would be.
And I’m not silly any more---- I am a new me!
You’ll be happy to know
That she’s putting on quite a show.
Maybe when you’re in recovery,
You’ll come back to see.

Printed with the explicit permission of the author.

Honey Williams - this Saturday at 2:00 pm CST.
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My Music Nugget for the Day:
Yep...this is what we're talkin' about ....
"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" by the Cannonball Adderley Quintet

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Music & 2014....

Happy 2014 - In honor of of my favorite things... I am re-posting a blog from July, 2012, which is about a little guy I call "the egg man." I saw him & his lovely family present "the gifts" in our church mass on Christmas Day & I wanted to share my previous story about him, especially since I have many more readers at this time. I appreciate your time reading & commenting on my blogs and I am excited to bring you lots of delicious nuggets in 2014! 
---  Lanea Stagg

Aren't you glad you are free to choose the style of music you enjoy listening to? The style of music offered during religious services is a personal & private preference. It surprises folks to hear that I love listening to simple, traditional hymns during services as opposed to large choirs which include large band ensembles. I have tremendous respect for the more elaborate music presentations which I find beautiful and chock full of exquisite musicianship, but I enjoy using that private time as a calming, peace-generating moment. Interestingly, Maggie and I shared a passion for solemn, traditional church hymns which is quite ironic given the appreciation we have for much louder tunes. My church usually rotates piano music one week and acoustic guitar backed with one or two soloists the following. As of late, the church is undergoing renovations and we don't have access to the piano, so we've been having a lot of acoustic guitar & solo/duet singing.
I noticed at the past couple of services there was a percussion sound included in the gentle, acoustic guitar hymns. I couldn't place the instrument until yesterday when I saw the skilled musician. During the first hymn, the guitar began to strum and I noticed a young boy, probably about 8 years old, with a huge smile & big eyeglasses. He was looking around as if he was following a butterfly when he dug his hands into his Levi jeans pocket & pulled out a powder blue egg. The cool egg shaker that you see at the music store that provides simple, yet effective percussion to a song.
Immediately I noticed how the fellow never looked at a sheet of paper, never made eye contact with the other musicians (which looked like his dad & sister), he just simply shook that egg exactly on the precise beat. Everytime. Didn't miss a beat, didn't mangle the sound, just played it beautifully and perfectly. It entered my mind that someone needs to get that boy a drum kit.
I was very struck by the talent from this little guy and made a note to myself to tell him so sometime.
It was a beautiful, blessed sight which made me feel proud for him and for the people of our nation who can worship & listen however we please.
Enjoy a recipe from Recipe Records cookbook:
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