Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have a great love of vinyl record albums and I still listen to my original album collection fairly often.... Rick Springfield, The Go-Go's, Genesis, KISS; all those albums I saved up dearly for back in the day.....

Last week I was at one of my favorite spots "Grandpa's Swap Shop," loading up on vinyl albums to be hand-molded into bowls.  On the way out of the shop, a Ray Charles album caught my attention,  "Ray Charles - Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul." Of course, there are several reasons why this record caught my eye, but noticing it contained the song "Busted" was enough reason to add it to my stack.

Once at home, I was taking the album out of the jacket & for some reason I looked inside the jacket..not something I normally do. There was a small pink envelope alongside the vinyl record and it looked as old as the worn album cover, which had "Recorded 1963" stamped on it. Nothing was written on the outside of the envelope & inside was a 3 page hand-written letter from "Tina" to "Jim," dated March 23, 1965. At first I thought I didn't have time to read the finely written words, but after reading the first sentences, I was hooked:  "Needless to say things are not ending the way I wanted them to. First I think I should remind you that I am trusting you with my radio & I would very much like to have it back someday soon." I was soon hanging on Tina's tender words to Jim...and I was even more curious about what happened between the two of them, who were potentially going to meet in Biology class... Tina's dramatic and emotional tone kept my attention, as she wrote "without you, I am a shell...empty, lonely and lost..." Tina also requested that Jim return her picture and said "I wanted you to come over tonight to get the picture. So if we did not get things straightened out I could kiss you goodbye."

When I finally got to the end of this gorgeous gem, the truth jumped off of the pale pink parchment....she was asking Jim's forgiveness for "what I did with Chuck. Dating Chuck is one of the worst things I could ever have done." 

She was indeed.... busted.

Rock On,
Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records Cookbooks

Hey, even if you are can still go to this great vendor fair this's free of charge!  The vendor fair is in support of The Alzheimer's Association, a very worthy group, I must say.  There are a lot of terrific booths (including Recipe Records):
1st Annual Vendor Expo benefiting the Alzheimer's Association!!
Your favorite vendors will be set up for a fundraiser benefiting Evansville's local Alzheimer's chapter!

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  Music stylings by the Tim Ash band from 12:30-2:30pm!

A Grand door prize will be awarded to one lucky guest who attends this event!
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nowhere Man, the World is at Your Command!

I am delighted to chat with on-air personality Robert Barnes, from Glendora, California, tomorrow at 2:00 pm CST. 
Robert, aka "The Nowhere Man," graces the airwaves of where he gets to spin the tunes of the greatest band in the world ...
Is there a trivia question that you are itching to have answered? Please call in to the show tomorrow & chat with Robert & I...we'll hook you least Robert will have The Word ...
Check out Robert's show tomorrow by going to this link:

Peace & The Beatles,
Lanea Stagg
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 John's Blurb - with Jude Southerland Kessler

“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.”
                                ----John Lennon

My sister refuses to watch the news. “I just don’t want to know about it,” she tells me. And on one level, she’s SO right: Life is to be enjoyed! (And the news is never good.)
My sister is right, and John was right. Living is easy…or easier…if you don’t know the details. But is that what we’re called to do?  Isn’t the answer to “Am I my brother’s keeper?” still “Yes!”? And aren’t we, (especially in this season of Lent) linked to the poor, the war-torn, the abused and neglected, the lonely?
Watching hours and hours of current events and televised news may not be the happiest habit. And certainly watching it without putting any lifestyle changes into action is just as fruitless and empty. It’s only voyeurism.
But maybe this week, we can all take a good look at the world around us and then… do something. Volunteer at a shelter. Write a letter to a congressman. Give to a good cause. Tweet something important. Champion a cause. Send a check to a charity. Let’s open our eyes.
Let’s not take the easy way out.
--Jude Southerland Kessler



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heaven's On Fire......

It's a great honor to host Chef Barbie Marshall on my radio show today. Barbie will be taking a break from her busy duties as Farm Chef at Green Meadow Farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to share her story and passion for food. This talented lady graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Norfolk, Virginia, after spending her childhood cooking for family & friends. She took on the challenge of competing in season 10 of Fox TV's hit show "Hell's Kitchen," where she finished as a semi-finalist. Barbie is going to share some inside info on that steamy experience along with educating us on the importance of incorporating sustainable ingredients into our home kitchens. Don't miss this exciting episode!

You can find the show at this link:

If you can't listen live--go to this link to hear the archived copy, available 24-7!

Lanea Stagg
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"John's Blurb" - with Jude Southerland Kessler

"Life," John Lennon said, "is what happens while you're busy making other plans."
This past St. Pat's Sunday, I planned to make Lanea's incredible "Irish Soda Bread." However, inadvertently omitting the baking powder from the mix had a rather...uh, surprising affect. I think I created unleavened bread. But since Passover isn't for weeks yet, I ditched it in the sink! And yes, I planned to run every single day, but having a staph infection for the last four weeks has blown my resolve, my strength, and my waistline!
Oprah Winfrey used to talk about the "AHA!" moment of each day. For her, that was the instant in which she had a "light bulb enlightenment," in which she learned a valuable life lesson of some sort.
For me, the "aha moment" is a bit different. I experience it when the blunders, goofs, and sometimes tragedies of life come blustering in, when the "niggles" of life find me, day in and day out.
What I'm learning (very gradually) is that these upsets, setbacks, and errors, IF ANTICIPATED, can become less traumatic. I'm learning to expect some glitch - some problem with the system. If I expect the unexpected, it becomes less an "Oh Noooo!!!!" and more the "aha" to which I've alluded.
Lately, I've made a new game of waiting for the day's snag...then I exclaim, "Aha, so there it is!" And I'm working to shrug it off and move on.
I don't think I'm becoming a pessimist. (Really!) Instead, I'm beginning to expect life not perfection. And life is only a series of things that occur while we're making plans to be happy, perfect, and well...100 per cent of the time.
"Life," John insisted, "is what happens while you're busy making other plans." He was right. And isn't life - even with all of its "aha's" enough for me?

Jude Southerland Kessler

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hey Good Lookin' ......

This Thursday, March 14, at 2:00 pm CST, I'll be interviewing author, Susan Masino, who has written about Hank Williams, Hank W. Jr. and Hank III in her latest book Family Tradition - Three Generations of Hank Williams.  Hank Williams has long been considered one of the most influential
country music artists in history. His voice
was raw and lonesome and he imprinted that natural style on all of his music. 

His music legacy passed to his son, Hank, Jr. & also his grandson, Hank III. All three of the Williams gentlemen have been plagued with "issues" and Susan will talk about some of the problems that the Williams' dealt with publicly and privately. She researched the lives of these three gentlemen, including fascinating interviews with Hank III. Don't miss her appearance on my radio show -- of course-you can listen to the archived episode ANYTIME..same link.

In the meantime, how's about cookin' somethin' up?

Here's to some Honky Tonkin',

Lanea Stagg
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This Saturday I'll be in Mt. Vernon, IL, for a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society & American Kidney Fund. Check it out:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Times They Are A Changin' .. or are they?

Every generation has been through it.  Elvis was considered a dangerous influence on society; his pelvic thrusts banned. And then there were the Beatles, whose "long hair" sent parents through the roof; that filthy Jim Morrison of The Doors.... Led Zeppelin... KISS ...  all of those testosterone-driven males dripping with blood thirsty passion for young ladies ... has caused much uproar in our society.

As a mother of teens, I've noticed that things haven't really changed much.  Except perhaps the names of the bands.
I take my daughter, Abby, and Maggie's niece, Annie, to a lot of concerts. What began as a very innocent act that the girls enjoyed has become something that is, well, not a good idea anymore.
The girls always enjoy penning a sign to draw "support" for the musician(s) we were off to see, ie:  
"Honk If You Love Vampire Weekend," "Honk if You Love Jack Johnson", "Honk if you love The Beatles"....
you get the idea.

Well it seems that the days of simple band names that said a lot, but in a more tame way are becoming fewer: The Temptations, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Coldplay...

As of late, the band names are becoming more difficult to "support"..... 

I've had to nix our fun "Honk if you love" signs due to the latest band names found in our modern society. Just imagine passing a car with the sign "Honk if you love..." added to these popular band names:

Group Love .....  Passion Pit ......  Fun ..... The Killers ....The House of Love ... Hypnolovewheel ... Morphine ..... Nude ... Porno for Pyros ... Sick Puppies ... Surfer Blood .... the list continues with bandnames that sometimes cause me to blush.

And the kids love 'em.

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Long Live Rock.......

Lanea Stagg

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Good to Get the Led Out

When I was 11 or 12 years old, Led Zeppelin seemed as frightening and unnerving to me as the film "The Exorcist." Robert Plant strutting around with that long hair descending onto his bare naked chest...Jimmy Page playing a guitar with a violin bow. They were so oohy sweaty, emiting groans & growls and (gasp!) you couldn't even see their eyes.....
Their sounds were robust and deliberate which I didn't the time I was a fan of less "evolved" music, as I would describe it, and this Led Zeppelin band was just too huge for my delicate ears. 

As with sweet potatoes and olives ..... I later developed a "taste" for Led Zeppelin. When I was in my 30's, I began to study the brilliant drumming technique of Jon Bonham and then I realized there was more than testosterone going on with these dudes....they had depth in their lyrics, instrumentation and stage presence. And today I consider Led Zeppelin to be the best heavy metal band to ever be.

Thanks to a book by author Dave Thompson, I'm now much more informed of the influences that inspired the great musicians of Led Zeppelin.  If You Like Led Zeppelin breaks down each path and influence that took Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Jon Bonham & Robert Plant straight to the history books.....Dave's book contains great commentary from important characters throughout the Led Zeppelin years and it's fascinating information. Please don't miss Dave on my radio show Thursday, March 7th at 2:00 pm CST -- or listen to the archived show anytime. Same link.

"John's Blurb"
with Jude Southerland Kessler

Throughout the next year, we'll be celebrating - over and over- some event in the Beatles career which happened 50 years ago. Yes, this is the 50th year after Ed Sullivan, the 50th year after the Beatles' first American tour, the 50th year after their historic performance at Carnegie Hall.
Fifty years. And yet it seems like yesterday.
Life is whipping by very quickly. John Lennon once sang, "Livin' on borrowed time, without a thought for tomorrow." That describes so many of us (okay, me) to a Tee.
We hurry through the day doing the "stuff" we have to do without noticing that this, THIS is our life.
The life you are living in is indeed built on borrowed time, and time runs rapidly. Today, notice. Today, be aware. Today, take time to relish the moment.
Fifty years will pass again before you know it. But beginning now, let it pass, noticed.

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Lanea will be appearing at the Poseyville Carnegie Public Library (Poseyville, IN) this Saturday, March 9th, from 2 - 4 p.m.  I'll have the new Recipe Records-a Culinary Tribute to The Beatles books, along with samples of my fabulous Savoy Truffles

Don't miss the Steel Cook Chef Competition on Sunday, March 10th, from 4 pm - 7 pm.  Lanea will be a guest judge at the event & you can sample foods from these fine, fine chefs as well. Tickets are $30 and it is at the Casino Aztar. All proceeds go to the Evansville Food Bank.

Peace, Love & Rock & Roll,

Lanea Stagg