Thursday, April 12, 2018

HELP! Here Come the Strawberry Fields!

George experienced it.
The long, cold, lonely winter.
Harrison was craving the radiance of the warm sunshine at the end of a winter that was particularly difficult, for professional reasons and likely, personal as well....which led to his monumental song:  Here Comes the Sun.
We have experienced a winter that has extended itself in multiple ways and I, for one, am relieved for the promise of spring. For years I have stared at a bare spot in my lovely back yard that has been sorely ignored. The plot has good drainage, soil and sun, and I have always "Imagined" a "Strawberry Field" in this thoughtful spot. Like you, I have a billion things to do, but so did The Beatles. I've been inspired to plant my own "Strawberry Field," channeling George and John and...."with a little help from my friends" (more on that below).  

Beatanical Garden
Friar Park, Oxfordshire, England

George Harrison was an exceptional gardener and musician. The chaos he was exposed to during his life ultimately led him to seek peace and quiet in the garden. Of course, George's garden was (and continues to be) in a completely different category than my garden. George's garden is what I call a Beatanical Garden...lavish horticulture on a mania level. The quiet Beatle lived at Friar Park which is an exquisite estate, and he shaped the gardens - one thoughtful and purposeful day at a time.

Back to my project. I've decided to grow a field of strawberries and such and I would like to name the garden. I plan to put the name on a sign and hang it at the garden. Would you HELP! me? 
Here Comes the Strawberry Field
As you can plainly see, there is a lot of work to be done here and I can use all the suggestions I can get! 
I am having a contest to name the Strawberry Field. Check out the prize package below and directions to submit your entry. You can send me gardening tips and suggestions, too!
I look forward to sharing this labor of Beatle love with you!

CONTEST!  "Name the Strawberry Field"

Prizes:  *$25 Amazon gift card
*Original Art canvas tote bag - your choice of Beatle (original art by Susan Derbacher)
*PLUS 1 Complete set of Recipe Records Cookbooks! ($175 prize pkg)

Original Paul McCartney
canvas tote
-original art by Susan Derbacher-
Submit your entry via Facebook, Twitter, commenting below or via email:
May 10, 2018

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George at Friar Park

I'd like to share this lovely article with you about George's garden:     George's Estate

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