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Evansville Local Authors Episode #5 - Patricia Easley

Children's author, Patricia Easley, will be the next guest on the Recipe Records Radio Show. Having published 13 books, this seasoned author has been writing children's stories since her sons were small. It took the birth of her granddaughter, Brissa, to give her that nudge to put the stories into print.
Children's Author Patricia Easley
Easley is a retired psychiatric social worker who lives with her husband in Evansville on a small lake (big pond) and loves watching heron and all the wonderful wildlife that call this home. She loves traveling, both to visit her sons, who live at opposite sides of the country, and to visit places in the world with family and friends. 
I have been particularly fond of her latest book The Mighty Mascot Miss ODee, about the adorable Miss ODee, the mascot for the Freedom Heritage Museum in Evansville. I have met Miss ODee and she won my heart when she gave her salute. Miss ODee can be seen at the museum and found on Facebook!
Read about a few of Easley's books below and you can see the entire collection at Amazon. Easley is available for readings and programs, you can contact her at her email:  miatapatti1947@aol.com.
Tune in to hear about her wonderful books, Wednesday, June 22 at 11:30 a.m. - call in to the live show and you can win a free copy of Little Dog in the Sun! The show link is below.


The Mighty Mascot Miss ODee ...$9.95
Canine Sergeant Miss ODee is the mascot and ambassador for Evansville's Freedom Heritage Museum, a historical site dedicated to World World II. A terrific tribute to WWII and fun tale of the adorable Miss ODee!

Learn more about this fantastic museum at their website:

Myeda, Molly & Me...$8.00 
This book will help children understand people of various faith backgrounds and help them see we are much more alike than we are different. Join these three little girls as they share special parts of their faith, and realize just how big God’s love truly is.

A Rite to Bare Arms...$7.00 
This book is a fun-filled adventure about grandmothers from all corners of the globe whom make good use of their arm flaps to fly around the world to visit their beloved grandchildren

Mike Robe’s Bash in the Trash...$6.00 
A perfect book for Earth Day or any other occasion to help your child better understand their environment. In this fun and “dirty” book your children willl learn about Mike Robe and all he does to help the world in which we live.

RADIO SHOW WITH GUEST PATRICIA EASLEYClick on this link to listen live or the archived show is available here as well:


To Purchase or View books go to: http://m67633.wix.com/patriciaeasley or email at: miatapatti1947@aol.com


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