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Let It Be The Beatles

Last month I introduced you to my Guest Blogger, Mademoiselle Molly. Enjoy her terrific interview and stay tuned for more of her guest blogs. If you have questions for Mademoiselle Molly, send an email to:  lanea@reciperecordscookbook.com. Gratitude is sent to her mom for being patient & accommodating!

Lanea:  Welcome to the blog Mademoiselle Molly & thank you for sharing your world with us! Please tell us a bit about yourself.
Mademoiselle Molly:  It was so neat that we met at The Fest for Beatles Fans back in 2013 when you released your Recipe Records book featuring The Beatles music. It has been a lot of fun to have these cool books featuring music to use in our cooking classes. Thank you for writing them and letting us transcribe them to braille. I grew up in a small town rural area; but I lived most of my life in suburban areas. Even though I'm just thirty something and The Beatles started before I was born, I learned about The Beatles when I was five years old and I just couldn't stop thinking about them. My favorite food: Breakfast waffles with peanut butter, syrup and a sliced banana - donuts are big too:-)
Recipe from Recipe Records
My Fav Recipe from Recipe Records:  So far, from the Encores chapter & it's called the "Red Rocker Velvet Cake" (even though it is not featured with Beatles music.)  I like the smooth texture and creamy frosting. Exquisite!

L:  How did you find out about The Beatles?
MM: Well I started hearing about The Beatles on one of my dad's Cd's. He had his collection of Cd's and was playing "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." I just thought, "I've never heard of this before, when did this come out?" So that's how I started growing up with some of the songs on the radio.
L: Tell us more about how you grew up with The Beatles?
MM: My mom was listening to Kool 108 when I was four; I heard The Beatles songs there and I've been listening to The Beatles ever since.
L:  And what songs did you hear on the radio?
MM: Actually there were a couple of Beatles songs that I heard on the radio, one was "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," and the other was "Hey Jude." Now I have my own collection of Beatles Cd's.
L:  Who is your favorite Beatle?
MM:  Paul. I like the way he talks on Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch; I'd like to know how he talks to people in general. A couple of favorite Paul songs are "All You Need is Love" and "Ob-la-di Ob-la-da."
L:  What is your favorite Beatles song?
MM:  "Penny Lane." It's the music that makes me feel and think of something good. 
L:  Molly, you've attended The Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago for many years. How did you hear about The Fest?

MM: Well I heard it as I was using a dictaphone to type up one of the "Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch" cassettes of his radio program. I heard him taking a request from one of the fans who spoke about The Fest.

Read more about Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch here:

You can also hear Joe Johnson on Jude Southerland Kessler's radio show here:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thejohnlennonhour/2014/12/19/joe-johnsons-and-judes-jolly-john-iday-party 

What would life be like if you couldn't  see these things?
L:  What is a dictaphone?
MM:  A dictaphone is an old-fashioned machine that you can put a cassette in and listen while I type it to transcribe to text. You record your voice in to a regular audio recorder, then someone can type what is said. So as I was typing I heard that there was this Fest. And I thought, "Wow, really? Really? Is this serious? Seriously, there really can't be a Beatles Fest, that's not true!" And as I listened further, I suddenly heard voices, which must have been from a concert, because there were a lot of people. And it was true!  So that's when I started going to The Fest in Chicago. I learned that there is this band from Liverpool, their band name is also Liverpool and they perform concerts at The Fest for Beatles Fans, they play all of The Beatles music.This band is a 'must see' band, so that you can dance to The Beatles music.

This past year at The Fest, musician Mark Hudson offered a music creating activity that I signed up for. It was spectacular to get together with a group of people to write music, lyrics and then perform. Each of us, as a group, collaborated on creating a piece of the song. Then we performed it. Mark played the guitar along with two other guys, I played the electronic keyboard, and everyone sang. You can listen to the audio recording of take four, our song: "Can't Forget About Love." I hope Mark offers this activity again at the next Fest.

You can hear this collaboration at the following link.The recording is the property of Mademoiselle Molly and the beautiful watercolors are added courtesy of artist Jon Fuchs (http://www.artpal.com/jsfuchs)

"Can't Forget About Love"  


Learn more about The Fest at:  http://www.thefest.com/  

L: I adore "Can't Forget About Love," I think Sir Paul should sing this with you! What other Beatles tribute shows have you seen?
MM:  Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles, Rubber Soul: Beatles Tribute Band, "1964" The Tribute,"The Beatles!" a traveling exhibition by the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, Chicago, Illinois, The Fest for Beatles Fans - every year since 2005,
New York - The Fest for Beatles Fans for the 50th anniversary celebration of The Beatles first visit to America.
L:  Have you seen a real Beatle?
MM: The only actual real Beatle:  The Paul McCartney - Out There! Tour - Minneapolis, Target Field, August 2, 2014 - ASTONISHING - AWESOME!!
L:  Is there anywhere you'd like to visit?
MM: Places that I'd like to go to see Beatles stuff:  Liverpool, England to see how the Beatles grew up and the famous Abbey Road and EMI Studios. That would be a dream come true. Also, it would be great to go to Vegas to see LOVE Cirque du Soleil.
How would you describe this image to someone who cannot see it?
L:  Why The Beatles?
MM: Their music gets my mind to thinking of dancing; it gets me going. The Beatles give me strength. The way they produce their music, the way they sing their songs; it makes me have a positive attitude about my day. When they sing about something, the inflection in their voice, the attitude in their voice; it makes me feel like just starting up my positive action, forget my worries & I'm not bringing myself down.

L:  Thank you for sharing some of your world, Molly. As we sign off for today, would you like to dedicate a song to our readers?

MM:  Yes!  Please enjoy this song that is so lovely!

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Peace & Love from the "Two of Us,"
Mademoiselle Molly & Lanea Stagg
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