Sunday, October 21, 2012

Recipe Records the 60's Edition

When Maggie McHugh & I wrote Recipe Records, we soon started talking about writing the next book. Which then became the next series of books... We planned to write Recipe Records the 60's Edition, also a 70's &  80's edition, etc. The two of us began brainstorming about the 1960's and all of the great recipes that were popular during those years and also the lack of restaurants/fast food/microwaves, which forced people to slow down, enjoy the food and the company.

Music was a whole other ballgame.  The end of the 50's saw a lot of sweet, tender, innocent music (with the exception of that devil Elvis Presley) and parents really wanted to keep it that way. Then came the Beatles....the Rolling Stones....Bob Dylan... and so many more which shaped the 60's into a decade of music unlike any other.

I'm delighted to have completed Recipe Records the 60's Edition. The book contains reflections about great music such as Motown and Soul, but recalls songs you may have forgotten .... Trini Lopez' "Lemon Tree" or Tony Joe White's "Polk Salad Annie," anyone?  The recipes are scrumptious, simple and generally don't require too many ingredients, or ingredients that you'll never use again. I'm excited to include a dinner roll recipe from a school friend's mom, Mary Kay Peterson, of Marshall, Missouri, (who made the very first red velvet cake I ever ate and it's been my favorite birthday cake ever since.) 
Sadly, I didn't have a lot of material from my dear friend, Maggie, before she passed, but we had many a laugh while putting together her recipe for "Elvis Pretzly Dessert" and "Guac Like A Man." Her spirit flows throughout the book, and I'm excited to include a poem that she wrote & published in 1997.

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Peace, Love & Rock & Roll!!

Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ringo Starr.........

It warms my heart to share what I call the "experience" of meeting a celebrity. The adrenaline rush is very strong & the emotion of the meeting is remembered for a lifetime.
Margaret & I met several musicians over our travels and we created memories I'll have forever. We were happy to recall some of our tales in Recipe Records and hope you can enjoy our Lucy & Ethel-like shenanigans while cooking up some comfort food this fall.

I've been very excited to meet Cathy Sarver, a Beatles fan who lives in Virginia, who had the extreme pleasure of meeting Ringo Starr.  Cathy will be my guest TOMORROW on my radio show - Part 3 of the Beatles series in which we pay tribute to Ringo Starr....the affable drummer for The Beatles. Please tune in live at 1:30 cst or listen to the archived show - anytime you please.

Don't miss our great tribute to Ringo!

Peace, Love & The Beatles

Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records
Cathy & Ringo