Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Musical Olympics

The Olympic games had me thinking today about what if we had an Olympic games for musicians.  We could pick a different "music city" to host every four years.... Nashville, Memphis, Austin.....  All countries would be invited...the normally known countries, and the "spin off" countries, as I call them.  On the first day, we'd have the Opening Flames.....bic lighters and Free Bird sing alongs.....and Superbowl Half Time-style performances.  The medals would be albums of gold, platinum and double platinum...
Here's my suggestion for events:
Nordic Combined Acoustics
Speed Riffing
Rhythmic Percussion
Cross Country Touring
Artistic Woodwinds
Karaoke Open Event
Laser & Strobe Freestyle
Guitar Combo Amp Freestyle
Audio Mixing Slalom
Pitch-Shifting (Team and Individual Events)
Multi-Effects Pedalboard Team
Stage Presence
Downhill Marching Cadence Combined Event
Concertmaster Biathlon

Voco - Polo 
Open Water Chromatics
Roadies Obstacle Course
Downhill Rehab (Team and Individual Events)
Cymbal Curling
Harmonica Ping Pong  (singles & doubles) 
Synchronized Synthesizers
Underwater Electric Guitar
Chromatic Mixing
The climax to the games:
Music Pentathlon - comprising of lyric & instrumental song writing, performance on 3 separate instruments and digital recording
What do ya think?
Peace & Rock & Roll,
Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records Cookbook

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cookies for Cody...

Cookies for Cody Fundraiser to Take Place July 27 through August 5, 2012

In Marble Falls, Texas, there is a four-year-old little boy named Cody Brasich, who loves Thomas the Tank Engine. One year ago, on July 27, he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer that occurs almost exclusively in children ages 10 and younger. 
At the time of his diagnosis, his prognosis was dire: he was given a 10 to 20% chance of survival. He received remarkable medical treatment and several surgeries over eight months and went into a short-lived remission. Unfortunately, his cancer has returned in full force and no more treatment options remain. His spirit is remarkable. This past weekend through heavy pain meds, he suggested to his parents that they have a carnival for his friends, complete with a bouncy castle, clowns, games, goodie bags, and a “magic man.”  Neighbors and friends rallied around the family, hosting a terrific carnival for Cody.

Cody's aunt, Stephanie Weaver, is a food blogger & "recipe renovator" for folks who have special dietary needs & desires. She designed an online cookbook & cookie auction to benefit Cody's family. Her goal is to raise $5,000 to help with the more than $15,000 medical & medical related expenses the family has incurred.   www.reciperenovator.com

This Sunday at 8:00 a.m., Stephanie will be my guest on the radio show. Please tune in to hear her story & get details on how you can help the Cody & his family.  If you aren't able to hear the show live, it is archived & you can go to www.blogtalkradio.com to find the episode. If it isn't on the first or second page, go to the third...

Please consider taking part in the fundraiser.
The cookbook & cookie auction can be found at her facebook page:
Click on the box to view the books & goods that are on the auction block.
If you are not on facebook - email me or Stephanie:
Lanea:        reciperecordsml@aol.com
Stephanie:  reciperenovator@gmail.com 

Over 60 cookbooks from top chefs & bloggers have been donated & will be signed for the winners.
The home page for the sale is www.reciperenovator.com/cookies-for-cody
Bidding closes at 5 pm Pacific Daylight time on Sunday, August 5, 2012
Winning bidders will donate directly to the family via www.codybrasich.com (no money to exchange hands with the bloggers or on Facebook)
Items will then be shipped directly to the bidders once donations have been made.

Thank you & God Bless You!

Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records
Evansville, Indiana
www.blogtalkradio.com     : recipe records

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pilot of the Airwaves...

Last week I headed down uncharted territory into the area known as internet radio. It was a great experience which proved to me there is a reason for broadcasting school...which I did NOT attend.  I will keep chugging away at it because I feel I've met a lot of interesting people & I want to share their works with you.
I've always been very appreciative and had great respect for individuals who are creating art, music, prose and the like. Maggie & I shared a vision of introducing our audience to various talented people that we've been fortunate to meet.  I want to use the radio show not only as a time to talk about Recipe Records (food & music), but to introduce YOU to some really cool people..who will in turn make you feel really cool for knowing them.

Last Sunday I had two terrific guests --  who were good sports, as the 15 minute show was too short & I was my usual basket case. My guests were author Katy Wolfe Brandes, and Stephen Horning a member of Evansville band The Phoenix Down. They were really terrific & you can hear them on the show by going to www.blogtalkradio.com  and in the search box enter:   recipe records
I also have contact information for them on my website:   www.reciperecords.webs.com
Every show is recorded & archived for future enjoyment--just go to the website anytime to listen.
This week my guest will be Indiana entrepreneur Jack Hamaker who started his company (Kick A$$ Cables) where he manufactures and sells guitar cables to some popular rock stars. I was fascinated by his story & I think you will be as well. Tune in this Sunday (7/29/12) at 5:30 p.m. to  www.blogtalkradio.com   -  recipe records.   If you can't tune in on Sunday...check it out after the fact.

I want to convey to listeners that I welcome all comments, questions, suggestions and your ideas for future shows, blogs, books, etc.  I am currently working on the sequel to Recipe Records which is titled Recipe Records the 60's Edition and would love input from you for this as well.  I love and appreciate all of your comments & thank you for sharing my blog with others, too.

It's been my vision to reach people through writing and now by my voice & the voices of others.  I feel like there's a lot of unenjoyable things in life today & why not stop for a few minutes and tune in to the show and tune out the junky stuff....learn about someone else who is making a difference.

Recipe Records:  Food for Thought, Food for the Soul, Food for the Love of Rock & Roll
PS - Ayla ran in the Ellis Park Weiner Dog Race this past Saturday.... she came in 5th out of 12 pups. She was headed down the track gaining on first place when she chose to jump into the "dog pile" and sniff & nip.  It took a minute or so before enough dogs crossed the finish line to determine placing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I Am The Egg, Man

Aren't you glad you are free to choose the style of music you enjoy listening to?  The style of music offered during religious services is a personal & private preference. It surprises folks to hear that I love listening to simple, traditional hymns during services as opposed to large choirs which include large band ensembles. I have tremendous respect for the more elaborate music presentations which I find beautiful and chock full of exquisite musicianship, but I enjoy using that private time as a calming, peace-generating moment. Interestingly, Maggie and I shared a passion for solemn, traditional church hymns which is quite ironic given the appreciation we have for much louder tunes. My church usually rotates piano music one week and acoustic guitar backed with one or two soloists the following.  As of late, the church is undergoing renovations and we don't have access to the piano, so we've been having a lot of acoustic guitar & solo/duet singing.
I noticed at the past couple of services there was a percussion sound included in the gentle, acoustic guitar hymns. I couldn't place the instrument until yesterday when I saw the skilled musician. During the first hymn, the guitar began to strum and I noticed a young boy, probably about 8 years old, with a huge smile & big eyeglasses.  He was looking around as if he was following a butterfly when he dug his hands into his Levi jeans pocket & pulled out a powder blue egg. The cool egg shaker that you see at the music store that provides simple, yet effective percussion to a song.
Immediately I noticed how the fellow never looked at a sheet of paper, never made eye contact with the other musicians (which looked like his dad & sister), he just simply shook that egg exactly on the precise beat. Everytime. Didn't miss a beat, didn't mangle the sound, just played it beautifully and perfectly.  It entered my mind that someone needs to get that boy a drum kit.
I was very struck by the talent from this little guy and made a note to myself to tell him so sometime. 
It was a beautiful, blessed sight which made me feel proud for him and for the people of our nation who can worship & listen however we please.
Enjoy a recipe from Recipe Records cookbook:
 I am the Eggs, Man!  On page 136--it's sure to be a favorite
If you don't have the book....you can get it at www.reciperecords.webs.com ($19.95 + s/h) or simple shoot me an email & I'll send you the recipe!   reciperecordsml@aol.com
MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT ----  I will be hosting my own internet radio show--my first show--this Sunday, July 15th at 2:00 p.m.
You can tune in for the short show (15 minutes) - or you may retrieve the show at a later date, as it will be saved
The show is at :   www.blogtalkradio.com   
in the search box enter:     recipe records
My first guest is Katy Wolfe Brandes, a childhood buddy & author, university recruiter & MOM. She has 2 novellas that have been published:  Contained and Tests of Will.
I'll also be talking to Evansville band:  The Phoenix Down 
Rock On.
Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records