Thursday, April 4, 2013


While the Beatles were growing up in Liverpool, they endured a rather industrial upbringing. The city has been described as very dreary and working class, however, Liverpool native & author David Bedford gives us a more upbeat look at the city.

David  will join me on the radio show today & talk about his exquisitely documented book on the roots of the Beatles. Liddypool-Birthplace of The Beatles is a great addition to any collection and contains meticulous facts about the city and its influence on the lads. The book also contains gorgeous photographs of the city, some rare & unseen, not to mention fascinating interviews with numerous Beatle "cast of characters."
David came to write his book in an almost backward manner, as he began reading about The Beatles simply because it was 1) local history that he should know about anyhow and 2) he was diagnosed with an illness that limited his physical activity. During the process of absorbing Beatle history, he found that a lot of the "facts" of the Beatles were given with conflicting dates. The desire to find out the facts was very strong for him & he set out to get the proper information and share it with readers.
You can read more about his book at

David's newest book is The Fab One Hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles from the Quarrymen to the Fab Four will be out in the next days & you'll be able to read more about it at:
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Peace, Love & The Beatles,
Lanea Stagg

John's Blurb
with Jude Southerland Kessler

"You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!"
- John Lennon

My parents still aren’t convinced. Yes, I’ve written two books and am about to publish a third on the life of John Lennon. And yep, I’ve invested 28 years in extensive 7-day a week research, 8 hours a day minimum. But my parents are still searching for a vocation I can pursue.
At least once a month, my father says, “You should have been a…” followed by any number of jobs: attorney, doctor, Indian chief. Recently, when I began hosting my own radio show, “The John Lennon Hour” on BeatlesARama Radio each Sunday night, my father exclaimed, “That’s fantastic! Now you tell people you’re a commentator! That’s a good job!”
Ever experienced that in your life? Are there those who want you to be something other than who you are and what you are? My guess is, it’s all too common.
For 40 days, we’ve been in the season of Lent…the time of sacrifice and “giving something up.” But now, it’s Easter: a celebration of new life, new chances, rebirth. This is the time to be reborn as the person you were meant to be, not as the person others want you to be. This week is the week to start over as you.  You and me...let's begin!


Katy B said...

Lanea - You are simply a plethora of information. I'm amazed there are not a million comments on your blog from Fab Four fans! Please know I enjoy reading it and wish I could catch every radio show live. Your guest list is amazing, and you should be proud of yourself for all the labor (of love) you pour into it!

Lanea said...

Katy -- your comments are always uplifting & come at a time when I need inspiration the most! Thank you for your always honest comments!! If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it...but sometimes it makes me a little wacky (wait...MORE wacky) xoxoxo