Sunday, March 31, 2013


I have a great love of vinyl record albums and I still listen to my original album collection fairly often.... Rick Springfield, The Go-Go's, Genesis, KISS; all those albums I saved up dearly for back in the day.....

Last week I was at one of my favorite spots "Grandpa's Swap Shop," loading up on vinyl albums to be hand-molded into bowls.  On the way out of the shop, a Ray Charles album caught my attention,  "Ray Charles - Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul." Of course, there are several reasons why this record caught my eye, but noticing it contained the song "Busted" was enough reason to add it to my stack.

Once at home, I was taking the album out of the jacket & for some reason I looked inside the jacket..not something I normally do. There was a small pink envelope alongside the vinyl record and it looked as old as the worn album cover, which had "Recorded 1963" stamped on it. Nothing was written on the outside of the envelope & inside was a 3 page hand-written letter from "Tina" to "Jim," dated March 23, 1965. At first I thought I didn't have time to read the finely written words, but after reading the first sentences, I was hooked:  "Needless to say things are not ending the way I wanted them to. First I think I should remind you that I am trusting you with my radio & I would very much like to have it back someday soon." I was soon hanging on Tina's tender words to Jim...and I was even more curious about what happened between the two of them, who were potentially going to meet in Biology class... Tina's dramatic and emotional tone kept my attention, as she wrote "without you, I am a shell...empty, lonely and lost..." Tina also requested that Jim return her picture and said "I wanted you to come over tonight to get the picture. So if we did not get things straightened out I could kiss you goodbye."

When I finally got to the end of this gorgeous gem, the truth jumped off of the pale pink parchment....she was asking Jim's forgiveness for "what I did with Chuck. Dating Chuck is one of the worst things I could ever have done." 

She was indeed.... busted.

Rock On,
Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records Cookbooks

Hey, even if you are can still go to this great vendor fair this's free of charge!  The vendor fair is in support of The Alzheimer's Association, a very worthy group, I must say.  There are a lot of terrific booths (including Recipe Records):
1st Annual Vendor Expo benefiting the Alzheimer's Association!!
Your favorite vendors will be set up for a fundraiser benefiting Evansville's local Alzheimer's chapter!

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  Music stylings by the Tim Ash band from 12:30-2:30pm!

A Grand door prize will be awarded to one lucky guest who attends this event!
Everyone who attends will receive one entry for the door prize drawing. Wear a visibly purple item and receive an additional entry!
Raffle items also available!

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Katy B said...

What a mysteriously cool gem you found there. Made your purchase that much more of a "find." Thanks for sharing!