Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are You Experienced?

It's been 40 years since Jimi Hendrix left this world, but his spirit and presence is stronger than ever. Not only was a new collection of his music (People, Hell & Angels) released last month, but author Gary Jucha released his new book Jimi Hendrix FAQ, which has been described as the perfect fan handbook. Gary will be my guest today on the Recipe Records Radio Show and he's going to chat with me about Jimi's life and share various stories about this guitar legend. Hendrix was a rather modest fellow, but was driven and addicted to playing his guitar & creating music. Gary shares his obvious respect & admiration for Hendrix in the book as he accurately captures the experience of Jimi Hendrix, by reflecting upon years of study and sincere appreciation of the story surrounding this humble, "aw shucks" artist who became a superstar. Today Gary will answer my many questions, including Jimi's opinion of The Beatles & The Rolling Stones, his musical influences, and mysteries surrounding his untimely death. Check out the show live at
2:00 pm CST today - or you can listen to
the archived show anytime after this afternoon
- just click on this link:

Find Gary's terrific book at, or  
The book retails for $22.99

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Enjoy this recipe from Recipe Records .....
Jimi's Little Wings (Tribute to Jimi's song "Little Wing")

4 lbs. party-size chicken wings
2 - 18 oz. bottles KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce (the best in my opinion)
1/4 c. Dijon Mustard
2 tbsp. Frank's hot sauce

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Wash the chicken & pat dry; place in large baking dish.  In a bowl, mix BBQ sauce, mustard and hot sauce. Pour over wings, coating each wing. Bake for an hour or until meat is very tender.  Baste every 15 minutes with the sauce.

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