Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beatles-A-Rama....Is All You Need.

Over a decade ago, the notion of a place where you could listen & purchase any song you wanted, spun my head like a terrible twister. This place, which could just as well have been intergalactic space, was called iTunes, however, you couldn't purchase Beatles material from it, until several years later.  I have recently become close friends with Sirius XM radio, which again has spun me into an unknown realm of peace & tranquility. 

But ... no Beatles 24/7.

I only had to look to the internet, where I found Beatles-A-Rama.

Wait a minute Mr. Postman....you mean, the Beatles are in my bag 24/7? And everyone can listen??? This spectacular mecca for fans will suit your every desire. There's Beatles songs from the early years, late years, solo years, covers (ok Please Please Me by The Chipmunks is, well, screechy) there's interviews featuring Beatle scholars, groovy DJ's, "Louise Harrison Beatle Reflections" (George's sister,) news, listener comments and ALL BEATLES MUSIC. You simply have to go to the website & voila....the music is there....

I am honored to interview Pat Matthews, the mastermind behind this internet marvel that is adored worldwide....
Read more about the Beatles-a-Rama owner at:

 I'm curious to hear Mr. Matthews' story of how he launched this incredible site & also some groovy Beatle stories. Don't miss him on my radio show this Thursday, February 7 - at 2:00 p.m. CST
Click on the link to listen:


if you can't tune in on Thursday - click the link anytime later to check it out.

Peace, Love & .... The Beatles, of course...

Lanea Stagg
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