Sunday, February 10, 2013

Have a Melodic Valentine's Day...

Valentine's Day gets people into trouble. You bought a gift, but you didn't receive a gift; you bought flowers that were dumped over in the delivery truck, the candy contained those unhealthy nuts, Walgreens was sold out of trinkets & cards at 6 p.m. on Feb. 14th, so you bought an egg timer & snow scraper as a gift instead.... & it wasn't appreciated. Everyone has a Valentine story, don't they? Since you probably haven't planned a special Valentine yet.... I thought I'd give you a suggestion.

Send your Valentine a song lyric and song video link in a romantic email; or burn or purchase a CD, for someone special (son, daughter, Granny, Bestie)...I guarantee it will long be remembered & considered the most thoughtful gift ever....

Many months ago a friend approached me with an unsuspecting white sheet of paper that contained song lyrics and words that were so powerful to her that she had to share them with me. Both of us had recently lost special people in our lives, she'd lost her husband of decades and I had lost my best friend of nearly 14 years. The song had been very special to her and I was very honored that she shared it with me.

I "studied" the song, as I wasn't familiar with it and the lyrics epitomize the spirit of Valentine's Day and I wanted to share the song with you as well.

Lyrics are simply poetry put to music...share some lines with your Valentine...

More than the greatest love the world has known
This is the love that I give to you alone
More than the simple words I try to say
I only live to love you more each day.

"More" - by Bobby Darin

Happy Valentine's Day Pat!

Peace, LOVE & Rock & Roll,

Lanea Stagg


Carl Hoffman said...

A great song but I think you would enjoy Vic Dana's version the best. Keep up the great work.

Carl Hoffman
The 60s Official Site

Katy B said...

What a great idea, Lanea!