Wednesday, August 8, 2012


In response to my blog last week about The Beatles, one of my friends, Mr. Frank Kone (who will be 84 at the end of this month) sent me a great story that I wanted to share with you. Originally I was going to skip writing a blog this week because kids are starting school tomorrow and I'm moving my oldest, Elliott, to Bloomington, IN to study computer science as an official Hoosier.  Hopefully some of that science will rub off on me....
But amidst all of the chaos that I've grown to embrace, this special gem of a story came to me & I wanted to share it with you.
Frank, who was a high school physics & science teacher at Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, recalls this story which took place circa 1962 .... 
     "And so were born the former lunch group at Mt. Vernon H.S. was the music dept. where we would talk music. The head of the dept., Wiliard Beckemeyer, was very gifted, had written our Alma Mater, had a beautiful brass choir and angel choir for his Christmas program and would always close with "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" (I still tear up when I hear it), and also had statewide recognition. When the bell rang, he would always say..."I must be about my father's business - Bach".  To which I would always reply the same, except substitute for Bach, Newton.  Here is why I wrote all this - before the Beatles had come to America, he had heard a playing of "Love Me Do", recorded it and played it for us one lunch hour, and said, (I quote)... " This group will eventually be as well known as Bach - they have great talent! "   Quite a complement !! "

Next week I am focusing on ...... THE BLUES......  I'll have an outstanding guest on my radio show ... Cleve of national radio blues show "Confessing The Blues" ...    

Peace & Rock & Roll!

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