Monday, August 13, 2012

I'll Be There Before the Last Teardrop Falls....

This weekend I left the southern tip of Indiana to drive my son north to Indiana University in Bloomington. While driving through the small towns of Indiana, American-a, we encountered many interesting scenes amongst the numerous painted signs for "fresh eggs" and "homegrown tomatoes," the abandoned cars and unfortunate deer who met their demise probably on the previous evening.  We saw a couple of Amish families in their quaint horse-drawn buggies and a father on a golf cart with his little boy and the backseat of the cart LOADED down with dogs. The Indiana fields of corn are burnt & brown from the drought, looking more like "October corn" that is "done" and ready for harvest, instead of August corn that should be just entering harvest phase.

The "release" this weekend was very difficult, mainly for me. Elliott entered this new phase in similar fashion to when I took him to kindergarten. On the first day of kindergarten we drove up to the school (which he wasn't familiar with at all) and while I was trying to find a place to park, he announces "Mom, just drop me off."  As you might guess, the "release" at Indiana University was very similar. However, when I noticed his smudged glasses as we left Evansville, it broke off a little part of my heart.  We had a good time together and then it was time for me to head back to E'ville.

Since I didn't really have my wits about me as I left Bloomington, I just had on a random radio station. I heard the warmth in the voice of Don Williams, a country & western artist, as he sang "some broken hearts never mend", a song I hadn't heard since the '80's.  I've always encouraged people to listen to a variety of music, which I do a lot of and this ride home created a country & western evening for me which was completely enjoyable, if not a little bittersweet at the same time.
I celebrated the fresh feeling of my maiden voyage to Bloomington, Indiana, through the words of Hank Williams, Jr. " ain't it great to be livin' in the USA, I'm laid up here in a country state of mind" .. and one of my favorites, Waylon Jennings, sang about loving people of all races and "America..."; Mickey Gilley sang about your "true love ways", while Dolly's heavenly voice proclaimed "I am a seeker, you are a keeper, you are the leader won't you show me the way."

While Elliott was never off my mind & I thought about all that lie ahead for this tremendous young man, I heard Freddie Fender prophetically provide "I'll be there before the next teardrop falls" and Randy Travis tenderly sang "I'm gonna love you forever and ever and ever and ever.."... and I sang…. Amen.

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Katy B said...

Thanks for your inspiring words I needed to read this morning, Lanea. It's the first day of Kindergarten for us, and I'm afraid the last teardrop hasn't fallen yet today. But this, too, shall pass. We'll then move on to all the other milestones.

Elliott will do great! He's had his mom's wonderful example.