Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Musical Olympics

The Olympic games had me thinking today about what if we had an Olympic games for musicians.  We could pick a different "music city" to host every four years.... Nashville, Memphis, Austin.....  All countries would be invited...the normally known countries, and the "spin off" countries, as I call them.  On the first day, we'd have the Opening Flames.....bic lighters and Free Bird sing alongs.....and Superbowl Half Time-style performances.  The medals would be albums of gold, platinum and double platinum...
Here's my suggestion for events:
Nordic Combined Acoustics
Speed Riffing
Rhythmic Percussion
Cross Country Touring
Artistic Woodwinds
Karaoke Open Event
Laser & Strobe Freestyle
Guitar Combo Amp Freestyle
Audio Mixing Slalom
Pitch-Shifting (Team and Individual Events)
Multi-Effects Pedalboard Team
Stage Presence
Downhill Marching Cadence Combined Event
Concertmaster Biathlon

Voco - Polo 
Open Water Chromatics
Roadies Obstacle Course
Downhill Rehab (Team and Individual Events)
Cymbal Curling
Harmonica Ping Pong  (singles & doubles) 
Synchronized Synthesizers
Underwater Electric Guitar
Chromatic Mixing
The climax to the games:
Music Pentathlon - comprising of lyric & instrumental song writing, performance on 3 separate instruments and digital recording
What do ya think?
Peace & Rock & Roll,
Lanea Stagg
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