Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pilot of the Airwaves...

Last week I headed down uncharted territory into the area known as internet radio. It was a great experience which proved to me there is a reason for broadcasting school...which I did NOT attend.  I will keep chugging away at it because I feel I've met a lot of interesting people & I want to share their works with you.
I've always been very appreciative and had great respect for individuals who are creating art, music, prose and the like. Maggie & I shared a vision of introducing our audience to various talented people that we've been fortunate to meet.  I want to use the radio show not only as a time to talk about Recipe Records (food & music), but to introduce YOU to some really cool people..who will in turn make you feel really cool for knowing them.

Last Sunday I had two terrific guests --  who were good sports, as the 15 minute show was too short & I was my usual basket case. My guests were author Katy Wolfe Brandes, and Stephen Horning a member of Evansville band The Phoenix Down. They were really terrific & you can hear them on the show by going to  and in the search box enter:   recipe records
I also have contact information for them on my website:
Every show is recorded & archived for future enjoyment--just go to the website anytime to listen.
This week my guest will be Indiana entrepreneur Jack Hamaker who started his company (Kick A$$ Cables) where he manufactures and sells guitar cables to some popular rock stars. I was fascinated by his story & I think you will be as well. Tune in this Sunday (7/29/12) at 5:30 p.m. to   -  recipe records.   If you can't tune in on Sunday...check it out after the fact.

I want to convey to listeners that I welcome all comments, questions, suggestions and your ideas for future shows, blogs, books, etc.  I am currently working on the sequel to Recipe Records which is titled Recipe Records the 60's Edition and would love input from you for this as well.  I love and appreciate all of your comments & thank you for sharing my blog with others, too.

It's been my vision to reach people through writing and now by my voice & the voices of others.  I feel like there's a lot of unenjoyable things in life today & why not stop for a few minutes and tune in to the show and tune out the junky stuff....learn about someone else who is making a difference.

Recipe Records:  Food for Thought, Food for the Soul, Food for the Love of Rock & Roll
PS - Ayla ran in the Ellis Park Weiner Dog Race this past Saturday.... she came in 5th out of 12 pups. She was headed down the track gaining on first place when she chose to jump into the "dog pile" and sniff & nip.  It took a minute or so before enough dogs crossed the finish line to determine placing.

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