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Evansville Local Authors Series Episode #7 - C. A. Jamison & C. Marie Bowen

The feedback from the Evansville Local Author radio show series has been greatly appreciated! Episode #7 in Recipe Records Radio Show series will take place Tomorrow: July 6, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. CST. My guests are authors in the science fiction/young adult genre: C.A. Jamison and C. Marie Bowen. Tune in to hear them dish on their steamy new upcoming releases.
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C. A. Jamison

Ready to read about a new type of hero in the world of fantasy? Meet C.A. Jamison. She introduces us to plasmetric humans in her novel, Polarity, Children of the Orb. Judged by popular editors and agents, Polarity was awarded third in Science Fiction-Great Beginnings and holds a Certificate of Excellence from Romance Writers of America.
After marriage, Cynthia Ann moved to Atlanta Georgia where her husband studied Sound Engineering. There, she worked as a Private investigator for Argenbright securities. However with their family based in Evansville, the couple returned to Indiana and invested in retail. For the past twenty-years, they’ve owned a car audio shop called Dr. Dashboard. With the store now run by a manager along with her husband and son, she found the time to make her dreams come true, and writes Romance inspired stories for the world’s reading pleasures. 

C.A. Jamison books include:

Polarity, Children of the Orb:

Rush James and his brother, Chris, are plasmetric people—a unique life form born of human parents. Their blood cells are alive with alien electronic energy—and living a normal life in the human world creates havoc for those of their kind.
But Rush and Chris aren’t alone—there are others. As their parents slowly die, the Children of the Orb must find one another to survive. Rush must share his life with the only woman in the world who can keep his blood cells charged.
Trulie Morgan is the positive to Rush’s negative. When they touch, polarity moves energy, their passion grows, and the battle of opposites begins. Trulie’s kind heart is na├»ve to the dangers that surround them, and Rush must learn to use her optimism and strength if he wants to claim victory and love.

Anthology-Nine Deadly Lives.

Mary Lynn Price adopts a shelter cat to keep her company as she begins her new job across the country in California. 
The challenge is daunting when she is given the task of screening three novels, in only three days, for her mysteriously absent new boss.  
Magic happens as the story-lines of each novel weave into her dreams, and a familiar blue-eyed stranger stars as the hero in each tale.

A Dance To Remember

Can a Male stripper and an Uptown Fashion Designer put away their differences and find love?
This exciting novella will appear in an upcoming box set of music inspired stories set in different decades.

To find more books by C.A. Jamison visit her website at www.cajamison.com


C. Marie Bowen
Award winning author, C. (Connie) Marie Bowen writes the kind of stories she loves to read, paranormal fantasy and time travel with heroes from the past, present, and future. Her stories are crafted to contain an element of magic, suspense and romance. Each tale is an extension or prequel to another. She has created a series of novels and novellas with characters her readers have grown to love.
Connie grew up in Denver, telling stories to her friends who say they’re not a bit surprised she became a writer. However, that didn’t happen right away. Her stories of magic and adventure were put on the back-burner but remained close to her heart.
She moved from Denver to Wichita, Kansas, and then finally settled in North Texas to raise her sons. Connie earned a degree in Architectural Drafting and Design and worked her way up through retail design to Project Manager at an Architect and Engineering firm in Fort Worth, Texas. As a person who paid attention to detail and cared about her surroundings, she earned a Green Building Certification as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional.
C. Marie Bowen
Band practice. Soccer lessons. She loved watching her boys grow and time passed far too quickly. Her young adults left home for college, and in their absence, she took the opportunity to fulfill her writing dreams. She pulled the novel she’d written many years before out of her closet and set about retyping and learning a new craft. She furthered her education with online writing classes and discovered a multitude of like-minded authors and new friends.
Her first novel, Passage, won First Place in the Paranormal Romance category in Indiana's Golden Opportunity contest in 2014. In 2015, her novels Passage and Prophecy were both nominated for RONE awards in the Time Travel and Paranormal categories, respectively. She has authored four short stories and two novels, with the final book in her Soul of the Witch trilogy, Paradox, set to publish by the end of this year. She also plans to publish the first full-length novel featuring her cursed immortal, J.L. soon after Paradox is released.
Connie resides in North Texas with her wonderfully understanding husband and a precious feline companion named Abby.
She is a PRO member of RWA and the North Texas RWA chapter.

Passage, Soul of the Witch, Book 1    Available now

A car accident and near death experience allow Courtney Veau to visit her past-life in the post-Civil War west. After recovering in a present-day hospital, Courtney she goes in search of proof that her trip through time was more than imagination, and struggles to understand her deep feelings for the man and the family she left behind.
A carriage accident almost takes beautiful Nichole Harris’s life. She wakes to a world plagued by amnesia and confused by flashes of memory that are out of time with the world around her. Only her strong emotions remain to guide her. As others try to take control of her life, she fights a desperate battle to survive.
Merril Shilo is the love of her life—no matter when that life might be. Courtney Veau would give her life to return to her soul mate if she could only find the passage back to him.

Prophecy, Soul of the Witch, Book 2    Available now

Courtney Veau has managed to return to her life as Nichole Harris, and to Merril’s arms, but at what cost? Amy Harris has pushed her magic to the limit in a desperate attempt to heal her friend. In doing so, she encountered another—an entity who can twist its magic through her, and promises to find Amy.
A young woman near Toronto emerges from a trance. Her fire-magic twyned with another witch’s earth-magic to save a woman’s life. For Alyse, secrets held from her for a lifetime begin to unravel as she learns of The Prophecy, and how it has shaped her life.
Near New Orleans, a bounty hunter agrees to find the witches who brought The Prophecy to fulfillment, while in hell, the demon, Morago awakens to the siren’s call of elemental magic.

Paradox, Soul of the Witch, Book 3    Forthcoming

The inhabitants of the Shilo-Harris Ranch have withstood the attack of a powerful demon, but the battle continues. Aided now by Hunter and his mysterious magic, the group plans to defeat the monster once and for all and free the innocent souls he holds captive.
The demon, Morago, learned a valuable lesson in hubris and won’t be surprised by modern weapons or outnumbered again. While the devil licks his wounds, he makes plans to complete the Prophecy of the Twins on his terms.
By fire and earth lest death shall reign. A Prophecy realized. A Passage retraced.
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Tune in Wednesday, July 6 at 2:00 p.m. CST to hear C.A. Jamison and C.Marie Bowen. If you can't listen live, you can hear the archived episode at this link as well.


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