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Evansville Local Authors - Episode #8: Terri Dunsterville

The Evansville Local Author group continues to add more fascinating, astute and remarkable ink slingers (thank you Today's featured author embodies all of those descriptions and more. Terri Dunsterville is the author of a new sci-fi novel:  Warlocks of Evergreen.
Dunsterville has lived all over the USA and other countries, which cultivated her appreciation for culture, nature and earth. She spent five years swimming in an underwater show as a mermaid and performing underwater ballet; and later took up belly dancing which she also taught.  Yowza! Read more about Dunsterville below.

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Terri Dunsterville
Hi, my name is Terri, and I write under the name T. I. Dunsterville. My first published book is Warlocks of Evergreen, a science fiction novel with a touch of fantasy and romance. I started reading my Dad’s science fiction books in my early teens while traveling with my family as an Air Force “brat”. While living in different countries I learned to appreciate my own country while gaining a world view of humanity and the earth, which I believe, has affected my novel and the series (The Evergreen Journals) it is part of. Although reading all forms of genre from an early age; science fiction, with its endless possibilities, remains a favorite and this is what I choose to write.
I have a file cabinet (old school!) and computer filled with the bits and pieces of writing; poetry, notes and rough drafts; accumulated down through the years and only now, after family, college and work, being put to use. The scope has grown, from the planet Evergreen to include other planets and species in a universe called the CIAM (Central Information Assessment Module) universe. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I hope I have the time and energy to accomplish it!
I chose Warlocks of Evergreen to finish first because it continued to grow (in my head and in notes and drafts) into something beyond one or two books! The series follows individuals on Evergreen as the sentient planet is preparing to connect with the human inhabited universe. Before Evergreen can move forward however, in Warlocks of Evergreen it must deal with a portion of the human population that is going to war and killing the indigenous species and half breeds. The reader travels with a human and sea sprite half breed, Dasimbe Halcon, who is developing her paranormal talents. She is aided by Daniel Scott, a warlock, half breed human and air fairy with extraordinary mental talents; and his marsh folk foster family. Her sister, Cierva’s story is also briefly told. Separation of family, discovery of self, new friendships, love, war and a strange bonding with the planet await them in Warlocks of Evergreen.

I’m working on book club questions. Subject to change!!
The book introduces the concepts of prejudice and genocide. What circumstances cause these to occur in the book and in reality?
The sisters struggle with their human identity but remember their father’s strengths and attributes. In the larger picture, what traits weigh in humanity’s favor? (Emphasized in the next book!)

Daniel questions Evergreen’s intent as its direction increases but trusts the results. The question arises for the reader, is this type of intervention a good thing, bad, or something in between?

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