Saturday, February 8, 2014

Opening Ceremonies

As the winter games unfold in Sochi, Russia, I once again reflected on my idea for a "Musical Olympic Games."  During 2012's summer games, I compiled a list of potential events for a musical competition & I've updated the list a smidge.  
My Musical Olympic games would kick off with a star-studded opening ceremony in snow-free Austin, Texas, where musicians from all over the world would take part in the Opening Flames.....bic lighters & Free Bird sing alongs.  Instead of mainstream soda company sponsorships...Recipe Records would be the sponsor, serving up rockin' foods.  I'm certain that our production would rival any performance that the Olympic committee would develop.
And, of course, the medals would be albums of gold, platinum and double platinum...

Here's The Official Event List:

Open Combined Acoustics
Speed Riffing
Rhythmic Percussion
Cross Country Touring
Crossover Country Open Event (Single & Double Event)
Artistic Woodwinds
Karaoke Open Event
Laser & Strobe Freestyle
Guitar Combo Amp Freestyle
Audio Mixing Slalom
Pitch-Shifting (Team and Individual Events)
Multi-Effects Pedalboard Team
Stage Presence
Downhill Marching Cadence Combined Event
Concertmaster Biathlon
Voco - Polo
Open Ice Chromatics
Roadies Obstacle Course
Downhill Rehab (Team and Individual Events)
Hurling (Individual Events & Roadie Combination)
Cymbal Curling
Harmonic Ping Pong (singles & doubles)
Synchronized Synthesizers
Underwater Electric Guitar
Chromatic Mixing
Moguls (judging by Bono & Springsteen)

The climax to the games:
Music Pentathlon - lyric & instrumental song writing, performance on 3 separate instruments and digital recording

My Music Nugget of the Day:
As a shout out to our friends in Sochi AND to The Beatles as America celebrates 50 years since the Fabs arrived in NYC-- Here's Billy Joel singing The Beatles' "Back in the USSR" during his historic tour ..all those years ago....   \

Check out my tiny video commercial -- Share it with your friends, too:

Peace & Rock & Roll,
Lanea Stagg
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Katy B said...

I'd be there! Especially interested in the "Downhill Rehab" event (counting on Justin Beiber to be there in four years).