Friday, January 3, 2014

Music & 2014....

Happy 2014 - In honor of of my favorite things... I am re-posting a blog from July, 2012, which is about a little guy I call "the egg man." I saw him & his lovely family present "the gifts" in our church mass on Christmas Day & I wanted to share my previous story about him, especially since I have many more readers at this time. I appreciate your time reading & commenting on my blogs and I am excited to bring you lots of delicious nuggets in 2014! 
---  Lanea Stagg

Aren't you glad you are free to choose the style of music you enjoy listening to? The style of music offered during religious services is a personal & private preference. It surprises folks to hear that I love listening to simple, traditional hymns during services as opposed to large choirs which include large band ensembles. I have tremendous respect for the more elaborate music presentations which I find beautiful and chock full of exquisite musicianship, but I enjoy using that private time as a calming, peace-generating moment. Interestingly, Maggie and I shared a passion for solemn, traditional church hymns which is quite ironic given the appreciation we have for much louder tunes. My church usually rotates piano music one week and acoustic guitar backed with one or two soloists the following. As of late, the church is undergoing renovations and we don't have access to the piano, so we've been having a lot of acoustic guitar & solo/duet singing.
I noticed at the past couple of services there was a percussion sound included in the gentle, acoustic guitar hymns. I couldn't place the instrument until yesterday when I saw the skilled musician. During the first hymn, the guitar began to strum and I noticed a young boy, probably about 8 years old, with a huge smile & big eyeglasses. He was looking around as if he was following a butterfly when he dug his hands into his Levi jeans pocket & pulled out a powder blue egg. The cool egg shaker that you see at the music store that provides simple, yet effective percussion to a song.
Immediately I noticed how the fellow never looked at a sheet of paper, never made eye contact with the other musicians (which looked like his dad & sister), he just simply shook that egg exactly on the precise beat. Everytime. Didn't miss a beat, didn't mangle the sound, just played it beautifully and perfectly. It entered my mind that someone needs to get that boy a drum kit.
I was very struck by the talent from this little guy and made a note to myself to tell him so sometime.
It was a beautiful, blessed sight which made me feel proud for him and for the people of our nation who can worship & listen however we please.
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Rock On.
Lanea Stagg
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Anonymous said...

I am one of your "new" friends,and for me this post is brand new. I enjoyed reading it,and was hoping to read a part where you talked to the dear young fella....playing along with his cool keeping the beat egg. I can just picture him. Wonder how he's doing today...and if he's still a part of helping out with the music.

Lanea Stagg said...

So glad you commented Joella & thanks for prompting me to tell about the Egg Man! I did talk to his mom & she assured me a drum kit was in his future! I still see him at church nearly every weekend & it looks like he participates occasionally on percussion. He is a young guy & I don't wanna overwhelm him with my chatter, so I just enjoy the music...I know his parents told him how much I enjoyed his contribution to the music & I know lots of other folks would agree. Keep on rockin Joella! Lanea

Katy B said...

Wishing you - and your blog - great things in 2014!

And may the little Egg Man keep on rockin' as well.