Saturday, November 9, 2013

If You Like Punk

Punk rock has been extremely influential in music, thanks to New York "brudders," The Ramones.

Fans of the band shouldn't miss my radio show chat this Thursday, with author Peter Aaron, who penned his latest book:  If You Like The Ramones...(here are over 200 bands, cds, films, and other oddities that you will love.)  Personally, I loved reading the book which focuses not only on the music that influenced the band, but also the more cheezy influences, too, such as comic books, cartoons & monster movies. Also included is an impressive write up of great bands who have progressed using The Ramones' influence -- ie: The Smithereens, Cheap Trick & The Knack. While I do not have a strong listening history of The Ramones, I am a music lover, therefore, I am always curious & willing to learn more. Aaron's book has been a most engaging & interesting read because he offers up valuable info on bands I know & love (remember The Raspberries?) & gifts you with juicy nuggets of trivia. He also introduced me to bands that I need to know & introduce into my playlist:  The Sonics, The Count Five & Hawkwind. Aaron creates a fresh education for readers to learn more about the history of America's punks, The Ramones. His very knowledgeable suggestions for tunes is perfect for the casual music fan who doesn't know where to begin a listening journey.

The Ramones took their love of early music:  60's doo-wop girl bands, surf rock, frat rock, bubblegum rock, The British Invasion, underground garage rock sound & glam rock and squished it up into a testosterone-driven, angst-ridden explosion. Mr. Aaron's well written textbook succinctly dissects the elements that compose the entity known as  The Ramones. 

Tune in to the show LIVE  this Thursday at 2:00 pm CST - or listen to the archived episode anytime after the taping (2:30 pm CST.)  The show will always be available at this link:

In the meantime, you can purchase Peter's book here:

My Music Nugget for the Day:

I was in Scotland last week for a world champion powerlifting contest .... I know, an unlikely event for a rock girl. The event included competitors & family members from literally all over the world.  At the very late close of this event, everyone was waiting impatiently for the award ceremony when the most beautiful sound of Scottish bagpipes filled the stadium. The crowd was mesmerized by this beautiful young lady, in her Scottish Highland dress, who marched into the room proudly sharing her homeland's patriotic anthems.
It reminded me that music touches everyone regardless of race, gender or nationality and I really wanted to share it with my readers. You can find it at this link:

Peace & Love,

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Jenn V. said...

I had a friend whose sister worked as the hostess at a restaurant. One night, the Ramones walked in, but the policy was that men had to be dressed jeans were allowed. But it was The Ramones, so she sat them.

She was fired!


Lanea Stagg said...

She's a total punk rocker...wonder if her name is Sheena ?