Monday, August 19, 2013

School is fit for Queen

Once I survive the back-to-school tornado, I always reflect on school years of the past.  The first day of school conjures up a new smell of the grade school hallway & echoes of anxiousness, which are always distinctly different on the first day than each day that subsequently follows.
Having witnessed my three children through years of education, I've noticed that it goes by in a blink & I was reflecting on funny memories I have of those days.
One memory I recalled was of my middle son, Ethan, when he was in second grade (all those years ago.) His class always had a unique way of causing trouble; he learned how to play Texas Hold 'Em (3rd grade) and he was privvy to learning many other ways of expressing himself verbally.
We were heading home during that first week of school & I asked the usual "what did you do today" and he told me at recess they played a new game - spin the bottle. 
Hmmmmm.  Rather than expose my shock, I calmly replied "Oh...well.... how do you play spin the bottle, Ethan?"  To which he answered something to the effect of "duh Mom, don't you know? You get in a circle, spin the bottle & when it lands on 2 people, they go in the closet and dance."  
Sigh of relief.  For THAT year.

Make a family memory with one of my favorite recipes.  Bohemian Rhapsody, by the British band, Queen, is a classic rock song, of which we paid tribute in Recipe Records with the recipe for Bohemian can click on the graphic below, which is a page out of the book (thank you Julie!) I highly suggest making a family memory along with this scrumptious chicken. Don't forget to watch The Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody......


Peace, Love & Food.....

Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records Cookbooks

Ask the Intern with Claire Edwards:

Claire, what time period of Beatles music seems to be the most influential on music today? Good luck at College this fall!           
 --Sadie, Liverpool

In my opinion, the music released by The Beatles in 1966 and 1967 was their most influential work. During this time period the group put out Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Both of these works showcase the social commentary traditional for the pieces the band created in the late 60’s. Although these albums do not have the strong activist themes that trademark the Beatles’ later years they fall far away from the simple pop of their early releases. Additionally, both these albums have incredibly unique sounds due to the degree of experimentation both with instruments and with ideals that The Beatles sampled during this time. This time period captures The Beatles’ transition as a band and demonstrates the diversity of music that  they were capable of creating which is why I find it to be the most influential.

*I want to thank Claire for contributing to the blog this summer & we look forward to many more as her busy college schedule will allow.....You have a great future ahead Claire!

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Katy B said...

Oh, my ... I think my guy has learned enough of that stuff already! Not looking forward to 2nd grade next year. lol!