Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beatle Fest - Chicago

Excitement is definitely in the air for this weekend's Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, which, for me, is beginning to feel like going to a reunion. Organizers, Mark & Carol Lapidos, along with their lovely daughters, have been creating a fan-friendly atmosphere at The Fest since 1974. It's perfect for die-hard & fair-weather fans who want to browse, schmooze & enjoy the wonderful world of The Beatles. 
I want to share a scrapbook of guests that I've had on my radio show this past year & also other talents who will be in Chicago this weekend. I seriously encourage you to attend. I will be there as well....my programs are on Friday & Sunday....& I'll have samples of my Ringo Savoy Truffles, while supplies last ....

Jude Southerland Kessler, the author of The John Lennon Series, has spent 28+ years researching & writing her incredible books about John. Her 3rd book She Loves You is due out later this year. Preorder your copy while you can at:


Don't miss this great radio show episode with Jude, which was joined by May Pang!   

Judith Kristen's infectious true tale of her Beatle-crazed teenaged girl antics is classic. Her follow-up - a children's book, Once Upon A Time In Liverpool, contains the gorgeous art of Eric Cash.

Check out Judith on my radio show:


Rock & Roll Detective, Jim Berkenstadt, shares the fascinating story of Jimmie Nicol, the substitute drummer who saved The Beatles when they were in a pinch.....


Jim's appearance on my radio show can be found here:

Al Sussmann & Tom Frangione will be present for discussions. Al was on my show this year & we are looking forward to his upcoming book release:  Changin' Times 101: Nov. 22, 1963-March 1, 1964 101 Days that Shaped a Generation.
You can hear Al's episode here:

I'm very excited to see art by Eric Cash - his Beatle art (& Sport art) is amazing. Please check it out at www.ericcashillustration.com

This piece is titled Sea of Green:


And a surprising musician/author to join in the Fest is 80's rocker Greg Kihn (Jeopardy & The Breakup Song) - Greg has a new mystery novel, Rubber Soul which will be released next month & I have been very honored to preview the story & it's TERRIFIC -- you better preorder your copy asap:  www.gregkihn.com

 How about this nugget from the 80's:  Jeopardy Video - from The Greg Kihn Band:

So many more guests will be at the Fest this weekend:  Authors: Gillian Gaar, Robert Rodriguez, Larry Kane, Susan Ryan, Bruce Spizer, musicians:  Chad & Jeremy, Billy J. Kramer, Joey Molland, along with Freda Kelly, Mark Hudson, Rob Shanahan, Georgina Flood, Jorie Gracen, Wally Podrazik, Martin Lewis and Terri Hemmert - and much more.

Be sure you check out the website & organize your schedule for the weekend; there are more activities to attend than you can possibly imagine. You can order tickets for the event at this site also (Highly Suggest)

For a more detailed list of Guests & Schedule, go to:


Note:  Jude Southerland Kessler has been contributing her John Lennon pieces to my blogpost for the past several months & I've been very honored to have her contributions. She has now graduated to writing her VERY OWN BLOG  & it's FAB! THANK YOU JUDE FOR YOUR WORDS OF WISDOM -- please sign up to follow her blog at this link:


Peace, Love & The Beatles,
Lanea Stagg
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WHILE YOU ARE IN CHICAGO..... I might suggest that you make your tummy happy also ..... Try 2 of MY FAVES:  Superdawg & Garrett Popcorn!

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