Friday, May 24, 2013

Norwegian Beatles? It's True....

Traveling from Norway to play The Beatles' music is an enormous undertaking, but Kjetil Linnes makes it look like an easy task. Kjetil will take time out of his busy performance schedule at Abbey Road on the River in Louisville, KY, to chat with me about The Beatles, Norwegian Beatles and his solo music production.
I've become a fan of song penned by Linnes, called "Tide," and look forward to hearing about his career in music.
I am welcoming Kjetil tomorrow, May 25, at 12 Noon EST (11 am cst)  
Check out this link tomorrow for the live show - or you can listen to the archived episode anytime after the show tapes.
 You can see the Norwegian Beatles THIS WEEKEND in Louisville, KY, at Abbey Road on the River 
The fest boasts thousands of guests, 65 bands, numerous stages, big names: Peter Noone, Leon Russell, Peter Asher, and much more.
Norwegian Beatles are from Alta, Norway and they are pretty certain they are the northernmost Beatles tribute band in the world.... These 40 something musicians fell in love with The Beatles when they were children and continue to share the Beatle love with America and beyond. You will not only enjoy their music, but their eclectic personalities as well! Check out performance videos & photos at their website:


Bjorn Conrad Berg- guitars and vocals, Kjetil Linnes- bass and vocals, Hovard Pedersen- guitars, Kai Skimelid- drums, Vegar Fagerhaug Johansen- keyboards

I hope to see you this weekend in Louisville!
Peace, Love & The Beatles
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