Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Main Event

Yep.....I said FREE CONCERT on Evansville's Downtown Main Street!

Hot 96 FM and Outside the Gift Box are sponsoring "The Main Street Event," a free concert at 327 Main Street; in front of Outside the Gift Box (across from Innovation Pointe, Heavenly Ham and The Arts Council.)
Main Street will be closed between 3rd and 4th Streets for the event.

The concert begins at 4:30 p.m. with Factor Primo taking the stage.
Will Champlin, L.A. recording artist and "The Voice" finalist, will begin at 6:00 p.m.

HOT96 FM will be on site as well as food vendors for your convenience!

Will Champlin on "The Voice"
I had the pleasure of speaking with Will Champlin on the phone yesterday and I asked him about his career, what influenced him, and what it was like to be on Adam Levine's team, among other things. The talent who graced the stage of NBC's "The Voice," is using his gifts to generate popular music that is entertaining millions.
Champlin told me that the crowd can expect to hear original music from his latest album "Borrowing Trouble," along with his crowd-pleasing covers, which have included "Demons" by Imagine Dragons (my personal fave.)
It was an interesting surprise to learn that Champlin's father, Bill, was a member of the highly respected band Chicago, and it was not too shocking to hear that Chicago was a huge influence, along with other bands such as Steely Dan and Fleetwood Mac. He appreciates all current popular music and listens to a lot of cutting edge, obscure music from Ireland and England. 

When I asked the highly recognized musician about his experience on "The Voice," he shared that the experience went fast and furious and "it changes everything." When asked about Adam Levine, the accomplished musician who is the lead for band Maroon 5 and a coach on the NBC reality talent show, he told me that Levine is "a great guy. He's a great guitar player, too, not just solo lead vocalist. A lot of people don't realize what an outstanding guitarist he is."

Graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, residing and performing in Nashville, competing on "The Voice," and recording his own music is rewarding, but it's been a lot of work. "Musicians and creators tend to forget to enjoy it. Musical nutrients are needed to nurture your creative side." 

Champlin told me in all sincerity he is "looking forward to coming to Indiana and performing for Evansville." I assured him that Evansville will love him and treat him with the utmost hospitality. 

Will Champlin - "At Last" performance from "The Voice"

Will Champlin

Will Champlin - Retrograde-James Blake (looping cover by Will Champlin)


Champlin assured me that plenty of his merchandise will be available (and I'm pretty sure you'll get autographs, too).

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Evansville based band Factor Primo performs urban music which is a blend of funk, contemporary R&B, jazz and soul music. The band's diverse influences are evident in the dynamic music they create and the artists they cover. The core members of the group are Chasen Little on drums and percussion, Edward Sein on lead and rhythm guitar, and Patrick Preston performs on keyboards, organ, synths and is the Musical Director.
Evansville's Factor Primo
Factor Primo's first full-length release, Sonic Wallpaper Vol. I, is available on iTunes and other digital music platforms. While all members perform on vocals, their first release featured a number of performers from Evansville and beyond to collaborate with them in the studio. They will be playing selections from this first effort at this Friday's MAIN Street Event as well as material from other artists they respect and admire.

The co-sponsor of the event, Outside the Gift Box, is a locally owned gift shop that caters to your cool side. Unique and very reasonably priced gifts are a specialty at the shoppe. 
Led Zeppelin cut out album
Owners, Tracy and Joe Klemczewski, have done a marvelous job of bringing this hip store to downtown Evansville and I hope you will check it out soon. I love their pure aspirations to help downtown Evansville grow and thrive along with catering to customers. Their spirit of contribution is notable, as a portion of all sales benefit parallel local charities through their "Imagine Project." The benefactors include Soldier Dogs for Independence, Aurora, The Arc, Peace Zone, and LaCola Village.

"Pup Stop" in front of Outside the Gift Box
A respite for downtown pups!
Convenience • Trendy, fun novelties and an extensive inventory on Main Street and online! • Themed gifts and packages ready to go! Customization • Gift & Go Station for an impeccable final touch! • Happiness consultants standing by to help you unleash smiles! Community • Customized/branded products for your business or organization! • The Imagine Project extends your giving to those who need it most! www.outsidethegiftbox.gifts



Evansville Local Authors
Indie Book Fair - United Way Giveback Event
Saturday, November 19 -- 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
St. Paul's United Christian Church - Gymnasium
2227 W. Michigan St., Evansville, IN 47712


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