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Evansville Local Authors Presents Carolyn Howard & M. Dianne Berry!

Having resided in Evansville, Indiana for the past 19 years, I've become very attached to its charms and gifts. My upcoming radio show series will feature local authors from the area and they are magnificent! I have been amazed at the number of local talent that has achieved great successes with their books and you will have the opportunity to read about all of them. This week my radio show guests are Carolyn Ann Howard and M. Dianne Berry. Bios for these lovely ladies are below, along with the link for the radio show interview which is tomorrow, June 2.
Ms. Howard has also been instrumental in forming the Evansville Local Authors grassroots team. 
The group is comprised of authors located in the Tri-State area and the mission is to help further the simple goal of each author -- to gain exposure and extend readership. The response to the group has been extremely positive due to Howard's exhaustive input. The group will host a forum each month which is open to the public and anyone who is interested in publishing a book or already has published, is invited and welcome to join the group and its forums. Find the group on Facebook: Evansville Local Authors.

Here's to the River City - Evansville, Indiana!


Carolyn Ann Howard
Carolyn Howard is an Evansville native who has published several books about Evansville history. She is celebrating the recent launch of her latest book "The Cliffords & Mr. Orr: a snapshot of life in Evansville, IN from 1915-1920." Howard says, "the book is my gift to my hometown of Evansville. It tells the story of what it was like to live here 100 years ago. In those five years between 1915-1920, we brought a college from Moore's Hill to Evansville. We made a significant contribution to our victory in World War One. Albion Fellows Bacon lobbied at the Indiana State House for housing reform... and WON! Women won the right to vote."

Find out what it was like to live through the war, work at the Red Cross and survive rationing of food and fuel. Find out what Mayor Benjamin Bosse really was like. Was he really a crook? Or was he Evansville's biggest booster?
Did you know that Evansville had 67 inches of snow in the winter of 1917-1918?
Ever wonder what the crest is on the facade at the Coliseum? Ever wonder who Charles Denby was? Ever wonder who Shanklin Theater was named for? Do you know what a flivver is? How about a farragut? All the answers and magical words are in "The Cliffords & Mr. Orr."

Carolyn Howard is an author of 1800s biographical fiction novels. Her first: "Blood of My Ancestor," which is about her family. Her second is "Pioneer Stories." Carolyn lives in Evansville, Indiana and is you may schedule her to present a program to your civic or church group, or school event. 

Link to Carolyn's Amazon author page:
Carolyn Howard, Author: 

The Cliffords & Mr. Orr
Pioneer Stories
Blood of My Ancestor

Everyone is welcome to Carolyn's book launch Open House - this Saturday, June 4, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 
Unitarian Universalist Church, 2910 East Morgan, Evansville - across from the golf course. 


M. Dianne Berry
At age 6, I composed a silly love song in the backyard. An approaching thunderstorm was my percussion, making the greatest "ta-da" of my writing career to date.  The dance was a free verse in motion around the property while the neighborhood cats and dogs, my approving audience. It ignited my love for poetry as my first one nearly wrote itself when I was nine years old.  My heartbreaks, the wonder of changing seasons, and a desire for acting on the stage were the incentives for story writing. My father was a teacher, writer, and drama director while my mother was a USO entertainer so my siblings and I were genetically endowed. What to do?
 In early adulthood, I learned to play guitar and sang professionally with many musical ensembles, popular bands, including solo acts, within the Tri- State area for a span of over 17 years. Songwriting took me to Nashville where I did a little studio work. With the word out about my singing, musicians were having me record their lyrics in local studios as well.  I also sang in our church choir which held the most distinguished rank of studio musicians, including musical director, the late Forrest Turner.
     Guess I was doing pretty much all of the performing arts. Something had to be down the road for me, because I never stopped until I had my literary things published, most under my given signature as well as CookieZeal, a pen name used for some online poetry,  specific book characters, children's stories, and my cooking blogs.
     With support from my generous husband, and using my songwriting in the lullabyes for my children, I was living with the tools to chisel out life's sojourn, however bumpy the maintenance. Years and years have passed, doors have opened and I finally finished several books.
​     I knew I'd share my scribbles professionally. But never in my wildest dreams did I think they could be shown world-wide from an electronic source. After all, right-brained artists imagine in the abstract and think only of the creative process of writing, then pulling it all together for the publisher.
     Well, thanks to Star Trek and the mighty geniuses of science fiction, we can see that anything is "virtually" possible ... even on one's personal computer screen. (Here is where I show my age.)
Anyway, I hope you see the child in me as well as the wise lady who paints the portrait of the story before your eyes. And thank you. You readers are the inspiration to the process and followers of the amazing narrative!
Last, but not least,  I thank God that He gave me the gift of crafting thoughts for more than a hobby. I would have made a lousy rocket scientist.

Find out more on Dianne and her books at her website:

M. Dianne Berry

M. "Dianne" Berry​
Zealberry Books:
~McMullan's Cellar
~Things happen. . .When Women Dream
~Co-writer of a host of prose and poetry anthologies, published both locally and in South Africa, most available through me or online. 
(Titles available by request)


You are invited to call into the show and speak with us live!
Here's the phone in number:  602-753-1768

If you can't tune in live, you can hear the radio show immediately following it's close - use the same link.



Jon Fuchs, Lanea and Ava and Schnitzel will be at Barnes & Noble Saturday, June 18 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
It is Schnitzel's first appearance at B&N ... Woof!

You can get any of the Little Dog books or Recipe Records cookbooks at my website:


Prudence Farrow & Lanea Stagg
At Abbey Road on the River, Louisville's Beatles festival, I had the great opportunity to attend a yoga class instructed by Prudence Farrow, the same "Dear Prudence" that John Lennon wrote about in the well-known song. Prudence is gracious and lovely; I learned much from her session. You can check out her wonderful book at: 

Remember the song here:

Prudence & Lanea

Lanea Stagg
Recipe Records Cookbooks

Dear Prudence - demo:


C.A. Jamison said...

What a gift to Evansville--to be able to go back in time in our own area. I now want to know the answers to all the questions you can learn by reading your book. I can guess at one question, but the rest remains a mystery until I read the book. Can't wait. Interesting blog and congratulations on your new book.

Dianne, What an interesting childhood you must of had. Sounds wonderful--free spirited. Music. Poetry. Song writing. Your an amazing artist and I love the title of your book--When Women Dream--A trilogy--I plan to read them all.
Best wishes.

Jean said...

Can't wait to listen!

Carolyn Howard said...

Thank you Cindy! I really appreciate it! I really want "The Cliffords & Mr. Orr" to be considered my gift to my hometown of Evansville. I love it here so much and I enjoyed writing about it's history. Dianne did a wonderful job on the radio show.

M Dianne Grotius Berry said...

Wowee. I just found this, Cindy. It is a treat to read how you've observed us. That makes you the good reader and even better author. Thank you for your very special words!

Unknown said...

MD What an evocative written talent you have. I am fascinated by your words. Keep up the fascinating and irrisistable work!