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Lithographer Exhibits Work at Grammy Museum(R)

Doyle Jeter
There is something about Doyle Jeter that is magnificent. However, since I can only fill up my space with a limited number of characters, I will have to give you the Cliffs Notes version of this talented artist.
Born in Jena, Louisiana, reared in New York City and Pennsylvania; educated at Northeast Louisiana University; a masters in art from Highlands University/Las Vegas, NM, Doyle is a fierce Irishman whose diverse background has transferred into his accomplishments.

As the former owner of Enoch's Irish Pub in Monroe, Louisiana, (his son, John, owns it now), Doyle hosted the first John Lennon Birthday Party which receives mounds of attention every October. The celebration is now the longest-running Lennon celebration each year and has received the nod of Yoko Ono more than once. This party is officially on my bucket list now.

Jeter teaches lithography at the University of Louisiana, Monroe, where he also holds the coveted title of “Artist in Residence.” The artist holds great passion for music and for the past 40 years promotes Southern Music via Enoch’s Irish Pub. In 2015, Jeter won the respected award as “Louisiana’s Foremost Music Promoter.” Jeter has certainly been instrumental in supporting the distinguished careers of Louisiana legends, Doug Duffey and Kenny Bill Stinson (whose band, “The Lonely Peppers” will close the GRAMMY Museum(R) Mississippi Beatles Symposium).

"Hold Me Tight" - Lithograph by Doyle Jeter
When I met Doyle two years ago, I immersed myself in his unbelievable lithographs which depict various Beatles "scenes." 
Admittedly, I know NUTTIN' about lithographs, so I searched for a quick answer and found that a lithograph is a print made by drawing on stone with wax crayons, applying ink on the stone and printing the image onto paper.
"Not a Second Time" - Lithograph by Doyle Jeter
John Lennon expert, Jude Southerland Kessler, requested Jeter to create 14 lithographs for her third book in The John Lennon Series, "She Loves You." Jeter says: "She asked me to depict each song on "With the Beatles," conveying a sense of what the song speaks to the listener, to me. I was to capture, in art, the essence of each song on that second Beatles LP." 

Nobody can argue that Jeter did precisely that and exceeded expectations of the assignment. (and if you want all of those prints--you can get all 14 in Kessler's book)

Join us at the Grammy Museum (R) - Cleveland, Mississippi, to take in the Beatles exhibit and all of the celebrations. Read more about details below.

Check out more on Doyle's fabulous work:

APRIL 1 - 2, 2016

Grammy Museum (R) - Cleveland, Mississippi
Cleveland, Mississippi
The Grammy Museum(R) in Cleveland Mississippi and Delta State University are presenting "GRAMMY Beatles 2016: From Cavern to Candlestick".

Headlining the event are distinguished Beatles authors: 
Musician Cameron Hicks
Jude Southerland Kessler and Ivor Davis.  authors Dr. Kit O'Toole, Dr. Candy Leonard, Anthony Robustelli and Bruce Spizer. Artists Rande Kessler and Enoch Doyle Jeter & Ken Orth's fabulous "Meet the Look Alikes" exhibit. My presentation will include teen musician Cameron Hicks, who will play "Savoy Truffle"! Former Beatles Fan Club President, Freda Kelly, will appear as well along with viewing of the documentary about her experience in that role"Good Ol' Freda."
It is going to be a Beatles lover's dream -- right in the Mississippi Delta where the blues originated and we all know how much The Beatles were influenced by the blues. 
Tickets are going fast -- get yours now!

Hurry now & order your tickets here:

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Beatles author and scholar, Aaron Krerowicz, wrote a very interesting blog this week! Watch my blog for an upcoming radio show featuring this very interesting fellow. Thank you for the mention in your blog this week Aaron!

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