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Imagine...Saving John Lennon

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One of the most charming scenes I experience these days is the excitement that young folks have for The Beatles. Not just at festivals, but at the grocery store, schools, in cars, I see young people honoring The Beatles. It seems that the Fab Four are just as popular today with young people as they were 50 years ago. Quite a phenomenon.
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A brilliant new young adult book is out and it is the perfect gift for young and 'not so old' Beatles fans.
Up-and-coming writer, Donovan Day, has published his first novel, Get Back. The novel is a fast-paced fantasy that intertwines the Beatles’ heyday with today’s world. The book is geared for young adults, though the story has elements that would appeal to readers from millennials to baby boomers. Furnished with plenty of Beatles references, the time-traveling tale sets out on the theme of its subtitle: “Imagine…Saving John Lennon.”

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The idea came to Day in a dream. “I was doing research on The Beatles for an article and began dreaming about them all the time,” he says. “In one dream, I was in the studio with them and they let me sit in and jam. Later, we got to talking and they discovered I was from the future. They had all sorts of questions about music and records and what whether people would remember them in 2015 and still play their music. It was a happy conversation until — in the dream — John asked, ‘And what becomes of me?’”
Photo credit:  Jessie Steele

Unable to bring himself to tell Lennon the horrible truth in his dream, he woke up and realized he needed to write the story out, which eventually turned into a novel. The dream took place almost exactly two years ago in October, and the novel was published the week before what would have been Lennon’s 75th birthday. As YA fiction, the book fills a niche in the Beatles book marketplace. While it is a perfect read for younger audiences, the book creates a platform for those of us who are uh, hum, of a certain age, where we can discuss what the world would be like if John Lennon were still living. Most everyone in this world knows who The Beatles are and probably a large number would be interested in seeing Lennon alive today.

Day attended Columbia University, where he studied creative writing. His short stories have appeared in several literary journals. A native of Oxford, Mississippi, he splits his time between his hometown and New York City. He is a longtime fan of The Beatles, having inherited his grandfather's taste in rock ‘n’ roll.  
It is with pleasure that I welcome Donovan Day onto Recipe Records Radio Show this week!
Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, at 12:00 Noon CST, to hear Donovan LIVE and call in to speak with this interesting gentleman.

You can hear the show at this link:

If you can't listen live, no worries....just tune in to the same link - anytime on Wednesday after 12:30 p.m. CST.

Photo Credit:  Ella Moyes
Donovan's novel, Get Back, is distributed by Park Slope Publishing and available on Amazon. You can connect with Donovan Day on:
Twitter: @donovanday18
Facebook:  Donovan Day (Author)
Photo Credit:  Ella Moyes


OK, each year I think I'm going to rest a little more and then musicians start putting out stellar material...and I have no choice but to go see them ....
Here are a few musical acts that I am going to try to take in during 2016.
If you are interested in looking cool at work today, mention one of these:

New Supergroup -- Hollywood Vampires
Johnny Depp (who knew?), Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and the unforgettable Alice Cooper. This is a cover of T-Rex's song and it's ROCKIN':

Cage the Elephant
This band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, has been a favorite of mine for nearly a decade. They are not slowing down and continue to put out fresh, delicious tunes. 


Thank you Jeff Lynne.
I was a huge fan of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) in the 70's. Jeff Lynne (also a Traveling Wilbury) never slowed down, he just kept producing music for others.
Well...he has new music out (recording as ELO even though he recorded every instrument himself) and here is a new release and it's simply marvelous:


Just for kicks, let's enjoy this ELO classic and make it a wish for our world today. 


Spirituality for the I-pad!
You can get the app for Inspilights for $1.99 - and it's at this link:




Don't forget to get your copy of "Little Dog About Town-An Evansville Tail" or "Little Dog in the Sun" - they are perfect Christmas gifts!

Are you interested in gardening?
Check out my friend, Mary Hukill's, awesome online magazine about community gardens. Subscribe to get her free monthly issues!


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