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Beatles Rarity is Well Done

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For quite some time I've been following The Beatles Rarity site which appeals to Beatles lovers, casual and die-hards.
On Sunday, I am very excited to have Happy Nat, the innovative creator and contributor of on my radio show at 1:00 p.m. cst. This lifelong Beatles fan has turned his passion and respect for the Fabs into an intricate site that will hook readers. Listen to the show to hear more about what he has accomplished and plans for the future.

I asked Nat to tell us a little bit of the history behind his blog and I'm happy to share his response. We'll hear more about his journey on Sunday!
Happy Nat:  
"In 2007 I joined a music blogging site called Mog which still exists today though much has changed. Being the big Beatles fan that I am, one of things I started doing shortly after joining was posting a rare Beatles recording and doing a little write up on it and calling it The Beatles Rarity of the Week. I started to get a good following on the site and really enjoyed the interaction with others who ended up being lots of Beatles fans, of course. 
Happy Nat of The Beatles Rarity
I did this every week for a couple of years, always researching information I thought would be interesting to go with the recording I uploaded which was always either an alternate version of a Beatles song or a Beatles related song from a solo Beatle. In late 2009, Mog did away with their earlier website structure and became a pay site that no longer allowed members to upload their own music. Instead they would pay the subscription fee and be able to download their own music from servers on the site itself and make playlists and do other things like that. I was offered a free membership since I had such a popular blog at the time but I was really no longer interested because there was no longer any way to share with my audience rare Beatles because it was not anything that would already be available to select on the site. Furthermore, the music I had previously uploaded would no longer be playable in the new website structure. So I ended it there - at least that's what I thought until some of the "Moggers" contacted me and said they really missed what I was doing and there had to be a way to continue. So "by popular demand" I created - recreating the old stuff that was on Mog onto the new website and continued on my own. I notified all of my Mog readership about the site and they followed me over to the new site and between that and social media and whatnot, the site has continued to grow." 
Nat does a remarkable job keeping current with technology and has a great feature where readers can #askNat a question and he will choose one each week to address. Nat also interviews many in the Beatles universe.
Another well done perk to Nat's site is his "Collector's Corner" which discusses collectible Beatles vinyl, determining values, how to spot the fakes, etc. If you have questions about your vinyl, you can get answers via this page.

Happy Nat is not an employee of Apple Records, therefore, he has no corporate budget! If you are able to contribute to the site in order to assist with costs of running the site, you can do so at this page:

Happy Nat adds, "The Beatles Rarity of The Week (BROW for short) comes out each Monday and the #askNat posts publish every Thursday. An additional newsletter is distributed on Fridays; readers can subscribe to it via email. I provide a podcast version of the BROW that goes out to a few radio stations and online. Also, there are posts on whatever Beatles-centric news is going on at the time: upcoming tours, new releases, television appearances and things like that. It's really a labor of love so the commitment (to the site) comes naturally. It is, nevertheless, still a one-man show."


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