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So Let Me Introduce To You ....

Over a year ago I met a beautiful young lady who sparkled with love & kindness, inside and out. We met at the Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, 2013, and I was honored that she & her mom purchased Recipe Records. The pair asked if I would give permission to have the cookbooks transcribed into braille, as Mademoiselle Molly is blind. I was honored to do this. Once I slept on this (the madness at the Fest doesn't allow my brain to move very quickly) ... it came to me that my late bestie, Maggie McHugh, would be over the moon happy about sharing the books with visually impaired folks. Maggie had lost her vision, right at the height of her budding radio personality/disc jockey career. It was a life changing experience that she took with intense bravery and strength. Her family and friends learned how to help her in whatever way we could & we all learned about the struggles of those who aren't blessed with properly functioning senses.
My friendship with Mademoiselle Molly and her incredible mom has continued even though we live in different states. The ladies took the cookbooks home & shared them with Mademoiselle Molly's community center. A recipe would be chosen from the books, transcribed into braille, and then taught to the members of the class. Mademoiselle Molly & the class would also choose music to pair with recipes, instructing the class on the fine points of music. 
Sharing. Teaching. Learning.
Disability Rights are Civil Rights
My heart has swelled with joy and great respect for what they have achieved not only for themselves but the lucky members of the class. Maggie would be touched by how our books have reached so many, especially those who are visually impaired. It had been a goal of Maggie's to integrate our book with the blind center in St. Louis, which I'd completely forgotten until recently.

It's not too difficult to surmise that I have a lot going on in my world. This blog is a great way I can creatively share & I am grateful to those who read & enjoy it. Since life is a little "mad" at the moment, I am going to turn the voice of my blog over to a very capable, young, charming scribe:  Mademoiselle Molly. 
With the assistance of her mom, Molly will be my Guest Blogger for awhile. 
Gifts from Mademoiselle Molly
You will still hear from me, but I think it's a good time that we open our hearts & listen to this young lady who loves The Beatles, foreign language, music, literature and more.

At this year's Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, Molly gave me with some awesome gifts. I could hardly contain my emotions when she gave me a gorgeous sweater scarf that she handmade (and Mom added cosmic buttons :)  They also gave me a letter that Mademoiselle Molly wrote in braille and Mom transcribed. It's among many items that I treasure.

Mademoiselle Molly's community center recently published a book The Way We See It (A Fresh Look at Vision Loss) and I want to encourage everyone to read it. It's a great publication to raise awareness for the visually impaired & contains personal stories of many who attend the community center, Vision Loss Resources.

You'll soon hear from this charming young lady and I'm excited to hear what she has to say to all of us. 

What a gift this is to me....



Klaus aka Klaus-dog
The response has been overwhelming! Little Dog in the Sun is a hit! Erika & Seth Abrams shared a photo of their Klaus (aka Klaus-dog) with his copy of Little Dog in the Sun.  Woof!

You can order your copy at this site ($10 ea) -

Artist Jon Fuchs will be at the Vanderburgh Humane Society Saturday, December 20th - Noon - 4:00 pm

400 Millner Industrial Drive
Evansville, Indiana
Located 2 blocks West of Bosse Field/Garvin Park at the corner of Morgan Avenue and Read Street.


Check out the star of "Little Dog in the Sun," Ava and her playmate, Schnitzel in this sing & dance-along (the background music may be hard to hear, it is the "doggie" version of Jingle Bells)

Our Music Nugget of the Day (Season):

Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

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