Monday, September 15, 2014

Little Dog in the Sun

Watercolor by Jon Fuchs
From "Little Dog in the Sun"
A new project has reached its fruition. It is a "grown up/kid" book that I wrote about a year ago, titled Little Dog In The Sun.  It is the true story of how a little dog helped me get through some rough days when my co-author/best friend Maggie McHugh passed away unexpectedly.
I wrote the story a year ago & wasn't sure that anything would come of it. Shortly thereafter I met a talented artist from Evansville, Jon Fuchs. His art was very peaceful & poetic, the exact blend I was envisioning after I wrote the story. We talked about the project & eventually decided to collaborate. The story & illustrations are complete & the next step is sending the book to print. There are many to thank for helping with the project, but today I have to thank Julie Reynolds for completing the book design & Nicole Michael for editing!
We are asking for your help! We decided to create a Kickstarter project to raise the funds to print the book. If you aren't familiar with the program, read my notes below.
By Jon Fuchs
From "Little Dog in the Sun"
If you go to the Kickstarter site, you'll see more detail about the book. There are many levels of pledging for you to participate. We tried to create a donation level for all budgets & to reward our backers with a quality item.

Read more about the book & make a pledge here:

If you are able to share this link and/or blog with anyone - that would be a HUGE boost for us!  


Kickstarter is an online fundraising outlet that artists & entrepreneurs use to raise money to fund their project. It is a very effective tool for getting your dream off the ground.
By Jon Fuchs
From "Little Dog in the Sun"
We chose to use Kickstarter to fund this book project. If the goal is not met in 30 days, the project does not get funded.
That means if you pledged money for the project and we do not raise our goal, you are not charged for your pledge. It provides protection for the donors.
For each donation you get something in return. See the Pledge list on the right side of the project page.
When the book is printed, it will retail for $10.
If you donate $10 to our project through the Kickstarter website, you will receive one of the first copies of the book, signed by Ava, Jon & Lanea, your name printed inside the book on the Kickstarter Backer list & it will be shipped to you free of charge(US only)
Just click on the big GREEN box on the right side of the page.
You do not have to be on Facebook to make a pledge. You can sign in via FB, but if not, you will have to create an account thru Kickstarter. It'll ask for your email address. They'll send you email notifications about this project. You can select the option to not receive other emails (which is what I do)
Then it will take you to the page where you select your pledge amount & pay via Amazon.

Anytime you can share the project with others, it increases the chances of our goal success. Your sharing the project link is just as important as making a pledge!

Thank you for your support of my writing projects. I am always delighted to hear from readers & grateful for my friends, family & new friends I've met over these past years. It's my hope that the story may help others who feel hopeless after the loss of someone special.

Peace & Love,
Lanea Stagg
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Don't forget!   Jude Southerland Kessler will be on my radio show tomorrow at 3:00 pm CST - here's the link (you can listen anytime afterward at this same link)

This Friday & Saturday -   Beatles at the Ridge!  Liverpool Legends, artists & authors and good ole' fun! I'll be giving a cooking demo "Beatles Brunch" on Saturday morning 10:30-Noon - it's F R E E!
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Music Nugget of the Day:
Ava - my 'little dog in the sun'
In Recipe Records the 60's Edition, Jackie Wilson was mentioned in a recipe called "Doggin' Around Casserole" (which is a rather strange hotdog recipe :)  Thought it would be perfect to share today! 

My daughter, Abby, introduced me to this song yesterday which mentions Jackie Wilson & it's super crazy cool. I'm certain my daughter has no idea who Jackie Wilson is:

"Jackie & Wilson" by Hozier

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