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Have Some Fun Tonight!

There are so many books focusing on The Beatles nowadays & it's difficult to sift through the enormous stack. I found an exquisite set of books that has captured the charm, madness, electricity & mystique that The Beatles embodied during each of their concert tours in the United States.

Author Chuck Gunderson

Chuck Gunderson's Some Fun Tonight! is a comprehensive two-volume set that breaks down each tour by city. Every possible event that happened during the shows in each city has been delivered in what is perhaps the most beautiful set I've ever seen. Included in the book are stories about behind-the-scenes negotiations, info on the opening acts, the entourage, the promoters & (most importantly) the fans. 
The book contains an amazing collection of photos & concert memorabilia that Gunderson has collected for a number of years.  

Letter to Congressman Melvin Price (from Some Fun Tonight! with permission from author)

It was exactly 50 years ago today that The Beatles played two shows at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & I took great interest in the chapter about these shows.

Miss Indiana State Fair Cheryl Lee Garrett
(also printed with permission from author)
The stories are completely amusing & well documented, ranging from descriptions of the hotel/motel arrangements & incidents therein, to the great lengths which fans went to acquire tickets to the shows. One persistent female wrote her Congressman & told him she needed tickets badly & that "Since you're a Democrat, I know you will take an interest!"  The State Fairgrounds was the location of two shows that brought significant cash to the City of Indianapolis ($80k+ for 2 shows!) however, the show was so loud that the Dairymen were worried of losing cattle due to fright. Furthermore, during the early morning after the shows, Ringo was unable to sleep & he managed to talk a State Trooper into giving him a trip around Indy. The joy ride went so far as a visit to the Trooper's farmhouse, meeting many fans throughout the hours & giving the Trooper's daughter her first kiss!

From Some Fun Tonight! printed with permission of author
The information in this two- volume set is phenomenal and will leave you wanting more. It is absolutely the BEST Christmas gift you could give & I encourage you to check it out. Gunderson will also be in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas for the Beatles at the Ridge #beatlesattheridge Festival, Sept. 19-20.

More Information on Some Fun Tonight!

Tune into the radio show this Friday at 3:00 pm CST. If you were at that show 50 years ago, in Indianapolis, I invite YOU to call in. Chuck would love hearing from you! Listen live at this link or you can listen to the archived show at same link, after its conclusion:

From Some Fun Tonight!

(printed with permission from author)

(From Some Fun Tonight!)

Thursday Night -- Don't Miss It! 
Kit & Jude
THE JOHN LENNON HOUR WITH JUDE SOUTHERLAND KESSLER:  This week's guest, Dr. Kit O'Toole, will take listeners to the land o' Beatles....where she will discuss 5 of the musical sounds created by The Beatles that changed the world. This will be fascinating!

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