Wednesday, August 6, 2014

He Does Everything He Can, Doctor Robert

The Lennon/McCartney song from the Revolver album, introduces the character "Doctor Robert," who was the answer to all your "needs"....those needs, however, may have been illegal...
The very legal writer, publisher & pop culturalist, Robert Rodriguez (Doctor Robert) isn't using his mind to relax & float downstream. This intellectual wizard has written or contributed to nine books (with more coming); though he did not set out to write four books about the Beatles (with more coming.) Along with a hectic writing schedule, he also operates Parading Press, a publishing company he started with New York Times best-selling author, Richard Buskin.  
I am excited to chat with Robert & fill you in on his latest book, Solo in the 70's (John, Paul, George, Ringo 1970-1980). Robert will also answer a few of my questions about his magnificent masterpiece, Revolver: How The Beatles Re-imagined Rock 'N' Roll. I'm pretty sure I gained a few I.Q. points by simply reading this full course examination of the album that many feel changed the course of Beatles music.
Of course, Robert is a popular guest & permanent fixture at The Fest for Beatles Fans, taking place Aug. 15-17 in Chicago & he'll update us on his speaking engagement schedule. Please join us on Friday & call into the show, I guarantee that Doctor Robert will "help you to understand."
Nancy Lee Andrews, rock photographer of renown (and Ringo’s ex-fiancee) on Richard Courtney’s Hippie Radio show


Hey Jude:

Author of The John Lennon Series, Jude Southerland Kessler, is hosting her blogtalkradio show this Thursday -- The Moonglow PR stable of Beatles authors will be chatting with Jude (this includes me ;)

Jude will also be my radio show guest next TUESDAY:
Lanea, Robert & Jude - Chicago Beatles Fest 2013

My Music Nugget of the Day:

This is dedicated to my Dad....xoxo Daddy-O!
Chuck Berry's "Brown-eyed Handsome Man," which is sung by the most awesome Robert Cray & legendary Chuck Berry.

Peace, Love & The Beatles,

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