Monday, April 14, 2014

But I need a break and I want to be a paperback writer....(Lennon/McCartney)

Recently a friend that I've had since grade school nominated me for a special "meme," where I share insider information about my writing work. Katy Wolfe Brandes ~
 is an outstanding author/mother/friend & I'm honored that she gave me this opportunity. Please check out her wordpress page & sign up to follow her blog. She writes very creative short stories & posts them on her blog each week. Her dedication to writing is very admirable. Katy is very busy working as a college recruiter in Missouri & being a mom, yet she still produces amazing work every week. You can also get a couple of her novellas at Amazon.

1. What am I working on?

Authors always have a book they are writing. I am always collecting data, smothering it with descriptive words & then almost always losing my piece of genius in a sloppy pile of paper scraps. You'll see my colorful scribbling written on fast food paper bags, baby wipe containers & bank deposit slips (may as well get some use out of those;) I think this is an illness similar to hoarding.  In order to support my books, I write a blog each week & try to produce a radio show frequently. I also contribute to a local entertainment magazine, when my schedule allows. Unfortunately, my current schedule is stuffed with work (the day job that most authors still have to have,) kids & other obligations, so I'm not afforded much writing time. I wrote a childrens book last fall about how a little dog helped a grieving woman pick herself up. The art for the book is being completed & then it will go to press. The next edition of Recipe Records Cookbooks is Recipe Records-the 70's Edition and I'd hope to get it to press by late year. Working on the clever cookbooks is great fun for me. There are a couple other book projects I am "cooking" up, another Beatles "paperback," & a spicy fiction novel that I'm having fun with. So stay tuned.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

When Recipe Records was created, we knew that people love cookbooks, but they also enjoy stories & themes to go along with them. Our passion for music was a very natural thing to inject into our book of recipes. While the cookbook aspect of my books do not differ from that genre, the musical theme certainly does. The cookbooks appeal to music lovers as much or more than to cooks, which makes them a cool gift for many types of people.

3. Why do I write what I do?

The Recipe Records books were prompted when my bestie, Maggie, & I were trying to find ways to support our somewhat expensive music/concert/show habit. Once we dug deep into the book, we realized our passion for writing & sharing our stories & music knowledge. The pieces I publish on my blog are mainly created to illuminate other literary & musical talent. I think there is a niche of talented artists who need every opportunity they can find to get the word out about their art. I believe in sharing & when I hear from people who enjoy the pieces, it only encourages me to continue. There are random pieces I write about music & it's usually because I woke up with the off-beat idea.

4. How does your writing process work?

As I mentioned, my time is very limited these days, so I would not call anything I do "a process."  It's more random. A lot of times I get writing ideas early in the morning & if I quickly go to the computer & jot the ideas down, it will develop into something concrete. When I am in "cookbook" mode, I generally come home from work, feed the people & go to my computer for several hours. It is critical that I play music & surround myself with cooking/food publications which spur my creativity. I do a lot of book reading/research, also online to gain inspiration.

Tag You’re It!

I am nominating the following outstanding authors to share their answers to these four questions! Stayed tuned for their responses!

Jude Southerland Kessler - Author of 9-part series: "The John Lennon Series"  ~  Jude is the hardest working author I've ever met. I'm pretty sure she never sleeps (she IS from Louisiana....and there's lots of vampires there...) She is the definition of accuracy in reporting the facts about John Lennon. Her support for fellow authors is pure & gracious which is because she's a true Southern Belle.

Jennifer Vanderslice -- Author of Journey Along the Abbey Road, is the owner of a publicity company where she works tirelessly for her clients. Her first book was published last summer on Amazon. She is currently poring through research for her Jim Croce biography.

Rick Reed - Author of the Jack Murphy crime detective novel series:  The Cruelest Cut, The Coldest Fear, and Final Justice; also penning Blood Trail, a true crime novel about a serial killer that Reed was instrumental in putting behind bars (during his detective days.)

Peace, Love & Reading,

Lanea Stagg
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Ella Moyes said...

Love your fun blogs, love your books, love your radio program, love all the cute fun things you write, wait....enjoy all those things mentioned....LOVE you!!!!! Oh goodie!!!! another book in the works too!!! Love from me (Ella) you sweet you

Katy B said...

Hey, Lanea - thanks for agreeing to do the meme! Although I've known about your work for some time, it's cool to have insight into how it happens for you. Outsiders looking in may wonder how you find time to do what you do, but you and I both know it becomes a labor of love. We make the time. And you have a special talent for combining your passions. Very cool! Good on ya, lady!

Rick Reed said...

This meme is a great idea. Thanks for nominating me Lanea. It will be a pleasure.