Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's A Rerun......

Last week's radio show had to be canceled due to an unforeseen power you are invited to tune in hear Dave Thompson chat about Bob Marley, reggae music and other random information probably relating to vinyl record albums.
Dave will be on at 1:00 p.m. cst (2:00 pm est). You can find the show at this link:
And remember--if you can't listen live, you can hear the archived show anytime after 1:30, the show records instantly.

    I'm going to Rerun my blogpost from last week about our friend Dave...check it out here:

I'm adding another nugget to my weekly blogs.... my weekly music pick which will feature whatever song I'm thinking you should know about, or perhaps simply recall it for its great glory. This week's song is a hot new hit by a French band that is getting a lot of attention, so I felt compelled to feature it. It's called "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk. The tune is catchy and it reminds me of 1977, rollerskating at Johnny's Roller Rink with the disco ball spinning.... 
My Abby thinks it'll be a fer sure hit for the casino circuit ;)

Lanea's Music Pick of the Week:

Check out this delicious website that features sinful confections (you'll soon see a feature on their site about someone very familiar......)

Peace, Love & Sugar......

Lanea Stagg
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Katy B said...

Lanea - You totally rock! I've been loving that song lately, although we have to stream live web radio at work since local radio sucks. People not reading your blog are totally going to miss out on your new "nugget." And I totally felt the Johnny's reference - even dancing around the office like I was skating in my gold silk running shorts with white piping and tube socks (although I never wore that to the rink).

I've missed your web show but hope to catch it today. Keep rocking it!

Lanea said...

I can envision you rockin' in your biz suit K! U R awesome! Wait until this week's nugget ;)