Wednesday, February 29, 2012

....To Annie.......

It has been a year since Margaret & I were back & forth on the phone trying to plan her niece Annie's 16th Birthday Celebration.  Those moments are vivid to me because it was a few days before the actual day and Mags was insisting on surprising Annie with a limo ride.   Annie's 16th birthday was particularly special to her.  We were also working on a super great CD that was a tribute to Annie & her 16th birthday. We laughed until we cried on the telephone as I browsed iTunes and found crazy songs & I would hold my phone to the computer so she could hear them ..... I've listed the songs below..... (I make CD's as birthday gifts a lot .... originally because it was inexpensive...but now my people kinda expect them...and they really like ' should come up with a little "signature" item that you give your loved ones ...they'll always remember you for it)    We took Annie's birthday CD and the new Black Keys CD ("Brothers" which in my opinion is the best CD to have hit the music world in at least a decade) into the limo & we drove all over Mt. Vernon, Illinois with the music blaring! What laughs we had going through the drive thru and ordering a bucket of chicken nuggets (mainly for Mac who was a bottomless pit) and snarfing red velvet cake balls that Abby & I brought for Annie. Margaret's mom, Flo (aka Fozie), and Annie's dad, Jerry, arranged for the limousine to take us around all the hot spots of the big city and it was truly memorable.

I've had many memories spill over me this past year where Margaret would be so insistent that we make a trip or see a show.  Sadly, it seems like Mags knew that we needed to make the most of all our times. We certainly did make some great memories, but how I wish she were here to make more. Mags spent the past year going to many concerts, shows, restaurants and events with friends & family... and if she couldn't be there...she was probably on the phone with us living the event vicariously through us. She was always calling me & giving me the rundown on someone's tale -- or her own. In April of last year, we high-tailed it to Columbia, MO, to see Cage the Elephant...... it was such a great weekend, staying with my sister, Becky & family...  we had lots of laughs, song & cheer. When we arrived at the Blue Note, there was a giant line winding around the building & down the block. Since we hadn't been there before, we asked some kids in line if this was for the show..... they looked perplexed then assured us that this was the right line. As we walked away, one of the 14 year old boys exclaimed "well you can tell that THEY'VE never been to a concert before.....!" That might've been one of the biggest laughs we had on the trip. And last fall she went to see the Foo Fighters in St. Louis and I went to see a Beatle tribute band the same evening... we both called the other numerous times & left voicemails on each other's phone of the sweet music we were listening to & we wished that the other could be along.

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 1st, will mark Annie's 17th birthday and I'm so grateful to have this fine young lady in my life. She's shown remarkable strength and resolve through many a rough day. I'm in awe of her and the many things she's accomplished.   I have had the great pleasure of spending time with her & my daughter, Abby, who is her "bestie" (but they seem more like sisters), on our many travels.  Margaret & I would have "life lesson sessions" with the girls where we would discuss important issues with them...drugs, drinking, boys, college, health and more.  A couple of summers ago Annie & I drove to Kent State College to pick up Abby at hockey camp.  Little did either girl know that this college had some history.  Abby in particular got pretty jazzed up after I told her about the students that had been killed during a political rally...back in 1970.  Annie pulled up the "Ohio" song by Neil Young and we listened to it numerous times...  I gave quite a lecture to them on keeping yourself safe at college and on the car ride home I requested that they write down what they had learned on this trip...I came across their writings the other day and here are some of their lessons: 
May 4, 1970 Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Neil Young song - 4 people died
Stay in your dorm, don't be a hippie and go to college
It was creepy
4 people died (they were students)
It was for the Vietnam War
There's a song about it; we went to the memorial today..i'm scared
I would've stayed in my dorm, only go to peace sit-ins
Kent State is scary...I'm scared now
Well....I wasn't really going for the scare factor...I just thought they should learn a little piece of history. And so they did.
I'd like to ask that you PLEASE send Annie Viola Jones your birthday wishes via commenting on my blog or on Facebook.    If you can't get either to work for  you...send me an email & I promise she'll get the message 
Even if you don't know Annie ..... trust'll be glad you wished her a day of sunshine & blessings.
Peace & Rock & Roll,
Lanea Stagg
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Annie's 16th Birthday Song List:
Happy Birthday Annie (just a generic tune)
Annie (the Broadway Show Tune)
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen (Neil Sedaka)
Birthday (The Beatles)
Sixteen Candles (The Crests)
Flo  (Smash Mouth)
Jerry (John Mellencamp)
Abby  (Willy McGee - a REALLY interesting song)
Maggie's Farm  (Rage Against the Machine)
All for Leyna  (Billy Joel)
M.A.C.  (by Baby Drew...this turned out to be our most fave song I think)
You're My Best Friend (Queen....there it is....)
Christine Sixteen  (Kiss)
Happy Birthday Punk Rocker  (Jeremy Sweet)
Birthday  (Flo Rida)
Holiday  (Vampire Weekend)
Annie's Song  (John Denver)
TiK ToK  (Ke$ha)
New York Groove  (Ace Frehley)
Dreamboat Annie  (Heart)
Temporary Home  (Carrie Underwood ...  sniff sniff)

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