Monday, December 26, 2011

Resolve to Discover a New...

I have to admit I am somewhat of a music snob...... My family & friends (especially Ned--who gave me 24 cds of new music for my b'day) supply me with a lot of new tunes to crank out in hopes of finding a new band that I find worthy of jamming to in my car - or kitchen. Mags & I used to say that it's not that we don't like a particular genre.... we like ALL genres of music... as long as it's GOOD MUSIC.

That being said, I am a great fan of what I call 'old school country' music..... you know.... Hanks I & II, Waylon & Willie, Glen Campbell, Charlie Daniels......     My shameless plug for the week is - p. 141 of Recipe Records...which has a recipe for Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso Enchiladas (remember that song by Marty Robbins).... along with a song list of what Mags & I considered some of the best country songs that you can't go wrong with when you're in the country mood.

I spend a lot of days trying to convince my children what is "good music" . On the flip side I've noticed they are trying to educate ME on current music that is "good ". One theme throughout our book is stepping outside of your "zone" & learning about a new style of I'm gonna give you a New Year's challenge to check out something different than you would normally listen to & report back to me..... Heck....hopefully I'll learn somethin'!

One night I popped in on my 16 year-old son & he was watching a video of the Zac Brown Band.... a country music band that I've heard a lot of squabble over, but haven't given them a realistic chance. He was playing some song called 'Country Fried' or something like that ... after reading up on them & such, I've discovered these guys are quite the delight.  There's six members of the country/southern rock band from Atlanta and they've released four successful albums.  "Chicken Fried" is the song I caught Ethan jamming to and so I pulled it up on iTunes and holy cow's pret-ty good stuff....... 

They have a gig in Evansville's new downtown venue - The Ford Arena this Wednesday nite, Dec. 28 at 7:00 p.m.   Tickets are a little pricey, however, you probably got a little Christmas cash from Mom & Dad, so use it to make a night of it ... and, who knows how long it'll be until another good concert will be in town ... Tickets are $56.50 & 61.50 plus those fees which should be illegal... I think I'm going to try to make it to the show & I'll let you know if it's "good music" .

To all my friends and family this season - I want to send you all a big hug. So many people are suffering this year and I wish everyone a lot of smiles & happiness in 2012. Even if I can't check in with everyone as much as I'd like - I think of you often. xoxoxo
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Evansville, Indiana

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Katy B said...

If you ever get a chance to see J.J. Grey & Mofro or Jonny Lang in your area, don't miss either one. Some great blue-eyed soul!