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TOP 10 LISTS & Christmas Ramblings by Recipe Records

I suppose I have to conform to societal pressure and start thinking about Christmas shopping.
I will refrain from a lecture on the commercialization of this sacred holiday due to the fact that 1) yeah, this economy is in the crapper and 2) yeah....I also have a retail product that I want to sell.... So with that acknowledgment now on the table, I will forego my opinions and cut to the chase.

The Christmas shopping & party season is made a little more pleasant by the use of MUSIC and FOOD.... and what better way to incorporate these hot items than with....... drumroll....  Recipe Records...  In the spirit of enjoying music and gift-giving I am going to offer my TOP 10 list of Awesome Christmas Songs and the TOP 10 list of Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for this year.....   I'd love to give you my TOP 10 list of Awesome Foods for the Christmas season, however, I am a food addict and I can not narrow down any ridiculous list to just 10 items....Let's just suffice it to say that you can easily find 10 awesome foods in our book.

* Warning loved ones....the Top 10 Christmas Gift list MAY or MAY NOT contain information that is in conjunction with special items purchased for you.....

So, let's go with the music & gifts....


10.  A New York Christmas - Rob Thomas
9.  Do They Know It's Christmas ?  -  Band Aid
8. Merry Christmas Baby - Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
7. Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
6. Jingle Bells - The Singing Dogs (OK..c'mon, I'm a sucker for caroling canines & I waited
                             every Christmas season to hear this special tune on the radio... )
5. Please Come Home for Christmas - The Eagles
4. 12 Days of Christmas - Straight No Chaser (you gotta watch this video on youtube.. )
3. Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt (this song is just HOT....and if I were a rock star, I'd want her name...)
2. Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon & Yoko Ono

1.  Brightest Star - Chris Isaak  (OK the lyric freak in me has to mention....Chris Isaak wrote this Christmas song & I find it so refreshing in a time where musicians outside of the Christian music genre would RARELY write a song about Jesus & Christmas .... I was hooked by the lyrics " And from a cross they say you give your love to everyone; I think of all I've done...And still you care for me...Your love, you give it away I fall to my knees and I pray"

You'll also find a great music selection on Page 191 of Recipe Records ...


10.  Creative Cursing by Sarah Royal  - sorry Mom & Dad but potty talk is just plain HILARIOUS & this flip book is great for traveling & as a stocking stuffer....wanna sit with your cousin in the corner & create names for Great Aunt Carmen's nonsense ...?  $9.95 & cheaper 'used' on Amazon....  By far some of the greatest laughs I've had.....

9.  Flash Bags -  Use a favorite picture to create a purse, bag, placemats, etc. that are totally unique. Reasonably priced & brilliantly created by some chicks in Vermont....

8.  Abbey Road on the River - Louisville, KY, giant Beatles Festival - Order tickets or a gift certificate for your Beatle fan! This festival runs every Memorial Day Weekend and offers over 50 Beatle inspired bands that will make you go Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

7. Florida Honeybell Oranges.  OMG these are the best oranges I have EVER had.....they are only from Florida & only available in plan NOW ... they get their name from the taste and the shape of the orange.  Mags used to send these to my family & they were GREATLY enjoyed & you'll love them, too!  or

6. Support local wineries!!!  With a wine named "Three Dog White" - how can you go wrong??  Genkota Winery in Mt. Vernon, Illinois offers exquisite wines - check them out at  or in Southern Indiana check out Blue Heron Vineyard, Cannelton, Indiana ~ - Check out their awesome wines and charming bed & breakfast!

5.   Jilly's Cupcake Bar - St. Louis  Hands down the most delectable cupcakes I have ever tasted. Our fantastic friend Debra can suggest a great gift for your loved ones or get a gift card!

4.  Cafe on the Route Bed & Breakfast Gift Certificate - This incredible B&B is located in Baxter Springs, Kansas & lies on Route 66.  The restaurant is located in an old bank building that was robbed by Jesse James. Purchase a night for your parents or a romantic get away with your significant other.... Amy Slattery Sannell & her brilliant chef husband will charm you - just as they charmed Guy Fieri & his staff for the Food Network! Contact Amy for prices!  or on Facebook:  Cafe on the Route

3. The Gift of Music - find out what kind of music your co-worker likes & purchase a CD - or vintage vinyl album if they are REAL music hounds ~ if you are on a budget, burn a CD for them with music you already own...know a Pink Floyd fan?  Grab a CD and make Dark Side of the Moon Pies from page 193 of Recipe Records....

Recipe Records also makes Vintage Record Bowls ...... $6 - email for choice selection OR Special Order (price tbd)!   A great gift when filled with delicious candies...

2.  A Box of Beatles Savoy Truffles - $10  ~ 4 Individually Flavored Truffles Created for each Beatle Personality!  The Paul - a sweet cherry cream; The John - a lemon tart; The George - a smooth, mellow coffee & The Ringo - a raspberry nut     Makes a great gift for that Beatle fan..... email us to inquire on shipping.

1.  Recipe Records Cookbook!   $19.95  ~ Endorsed by Charlie Daniels, purchased by over a 1000 people, over 170 EASY, delicious recipes, Hilarious stories, trivia, quips, just can't go wrong with this one!
Please check out my website for order info or you may contact me via Facebook:  RecipeRecords Cookbook   ~     or by email:
Please share my blog with all your friends and contact me if you have any questions!!

**Gift note:  IF you already own a Kindle or plan to purchase one as a gift, let me recommend a spell binding novella written by my childhood friend, Katy Wolfe Brandes. The novella is only 99 cents and is titled Contained.  The story is excited and her use of adjectives is worthy of an award from our dear old English teacher, Mrs. Kugel......   Find Katy on Facebook - Katy Wolfe Brandes  or find the book at

Have a tolerable Christmas shopping season......


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