Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Only the Good Die Young".... Billy Joel

Today will mark my first official blog entry on behalf of Recipe Records. For those of you who are not aware, I lost my dear friend, Margaret (aka Mags, Maggie, Madison, Ashi) - on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. Margaret was loved by so many people that it's impossible to mention. I've struggled with profound grief and in a later blog I'm going to write a little more about that, along with posting the eulogies given by her beloved niece, Annie, her beau, Keith and myself. There have been so many acts of kindness for Margaret's loved ones and we all are forever grateful. I've lost my right hand and I'm thankful for my wonderful family & friends to help me through the grief.

Many of you know Margaret as Maggie. I've always called her Margaret & she always called me Laney. I will probably vary in my writings about her so bear with me.  Margaret & I talked about blogging years ago, before we dreamed up Recipe Records. It didn't go anywhere, because we hadn't really developed a plan of where to post our blogs. So, now I'm picking up with that intention and sending it to all of you that have an interest in RR. Just to remind you - Margaret & I are not chefs, nor professional musicians. We simply had a passion for food & music and we found a creative way to express our love of both with you. It's impossible to estimate the number of hours we spent contributing to RR, but each minute was a learning experience and when we were creating material, it was incredibly enjoyable. We considered ourselves music specialists....however, we don't know everything about music---that's why the internet was invented. We grew into business women by creating a book that brought us humor, comfort, joy, memories and now Margaret's legacy.

For Margaret & I it was really all about the music. We find such joy and emotion within music. It's only fitting that it should be enjoyed with food. I plan to write a blog once or twice a week & send to you. It will likely highlight recipes, stories & music from Recipe Records. I'm hoping to also post some youtube videos with food demos eventually as well. Please feel free to write me anytime if you have questions or concerns. For example....I'm working on a little story about The Smashing Pumpkins, along with our Smashing Pumpkin Pie recipe for Thanksgiving. I'll talk about the music and about this awesome pie.... It'll be different all the time, perhaps talking about new recipes, new bands, etc.

In order to remember my dear friend Margaret, I want to ask each of you to pick out something from Recipe Records (which Margaret considered her baby since she didn't have children) and make it for a loved one, or for someone you are fond of & that could use an unexpected pick me up.  My friend Marla suggested this as a way everyone can celebrate Margaret's life.  If you don't have a copy of Recipe Records---may I encourage you to purchase a copy...sorry for the shameless plug.... and you can email me to purchase or purchase off the website using PayPal,, BasketKases in Evansville, Left Bank Books in St. Louis, Regalo in Louisville, or if you are in the Cleveland the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum Store....
If you don't have a copy of the book & are eager to make something this weekend -- check out the recipes on our website:   -- we have some groovy truffle recipes that would make anyone happy.
Margaret brought a lot of happiness to countless people & this is a small way for you to pass along that joy.
Peace & Rock & Roll,

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Katy B said...

My friend, my friend - may your blog brings you comfort in your sadness and loss. I didn't have the honor to meet your friend, but she had to be someone very cool for you two to be so close! Having known you most of my life but missing you for a big chunk of it, I know she must have been great to be one of your favorites.

My sister, Christy, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer almost three years ago. It was one of the scariest times of my life to think about losing her, not to mention the mental anguish and physical pain she suffered, so I can only imagine your grief.

Thank you so much for sending me "Recipe Records." I long for its arrival and plan to make something for our family Thanksgiving dinner from it. You may not know I despise cooking but anyone can tell I love eating. It is all about enjoying the company, though, right? I'll enjoy every minute of your book, too.

I'm so glad our blogs are going to keep us better connected now. Sending you a hug!